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Greg Mason gwmason at erols.com
Sun Dec 29 05:24:11 PST 2002

on 12/29/02 3:36 AM, Rose Ingram at roseingram at shaw.ca wrote:

> If anyone is still struggling with locating their ancestors at the Ellis
> Island Site due to misspelling of names, the following, which was posted on
> the PolandBorderSurnames Listserve, may be of some help.
> Rose Ingram
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> A Letter from Steve Morse ...
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> From: "Stephen P. Morse" <spmorse at pobox.com>
> Sent: Saturday, December 28, 2002 10:38 AM
> Subject: Improvement to My Ellis Island Search Tools
> To all user's of my Ellis Island Search Tools:
> As most of you know, the revised search tools went live on October 20
> and includes the so-called "gray form" which allows searching by town
> and sounds-like for any passenger in the database.  However there have
> been severe performance problems with the gray form, and only the very
> lucky (or the very early risers) were able to get any response at all to
> their searches.
> I am pleased to report that we have finally tracked down and fixed the
> cause of the problem.  The gray form is now able to handle the heavy
> traffic and is returning results very quickly.  It is now possible to do
> searches using the gray form at any time of the day and get back the
> results in a reasonable amount of time.
> I am indebted to Nick Yannucci who answered the plea for help that I had
> posted on the website.  Nick, working together with Erik Steinmetz, was
> the critical mass that we needed for success.  Thanks also to jewishgen
> for providing the servers to host the EI search tools, and for providing
> technical support and machine upgrades to fix the performance problems
> of the EI search tools.  If any of you would like to add your thanks
> with a donation to jewishgen (www.jewishgen.org/JewishGen-erosity), I
> know it would be greatly appreciated and is sorely needed.
> My apologies for all the frustrations that the gray form has given to so
> many people for so long.  But now that is behind us, and I wish you all
> good luck on your searches.
> -- Steve Morse
> PS: The EI search tools can be accessed from either of the following URLs
> http://home.pacbell.net/spmorse
> http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/EIDB
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Rose:  I have tried this and it still does not seem to be working.  I have
received a "time out" for every attempt I have made, including those in
which I entered accurate data known to be contained in the Ellis Island
records.  Maybe its just the fact that it is a Sunday morning and the server
might be down for maintenance.  I will keep trying.
Greg Mason 

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