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Richard is right on with his info about Bolarka.

Podwysocka / Podwysockie (also known in German as Hohenberg) is located 
about 24 km WSW of Dubno (or 68 km SW of Rowno)

There is another Bolarka in the region of Podwysockie,  to the SE.   It 
appears on the Kurt Luck map with the Balarka spelling.  On the Luck map, 
as well as a topographical map I have, one can see the village of 
Zabokrzykie Dolina (Balarka) in precisely that form.  It is located about 3 
km NW of Podwysockie.

The question remains:   is Balarka an alternate name for either Zabokrzykie 
Dolina or Podwysockie OR is it the name of another nearby village that no 
longer exists?  I have not been able to locate a separate village with that 

At 11:15 AM 15/02/2002 -0500, Richard Benert wrote:
>On a Polish Geographical Institute map of Volhynia of 1931 (sent to me by
>Herb Poppke), I find no less than three Bolarkas, I'm sorry to say.  Two of
>them are about 10 km directly north of Pulin (the largest town in the
>vicinity), and directly east of Heimthal.  They are Sosnowa-Bolarka and
>Radziecka-Bolarka.  Then if you go about 20 km in a west-northwest direction
>from these two villages, you'll find Bobrycka-Bolarka.  On Stumpp's map of
>the region (a map you can get from AHSGR and other sources), it appears that
>Sosnowa-Bolarka is called simply, "Bolarka".    Your other village,
>Podwysoka, I am not able, with my limited resources, to find.
>Dick Benert
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> >My mother and some her family were born in either
> >Balarka
> >or
> >Podwysoka
> >
> >I am having problems finding these places on map and any other families
> >there.  Her father was Emil Schwarz.
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