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Some more information on Tabea (Schmidt) Nickel's family,
given by Helmut M|lnikel <helmut at telia.com>, a grandson of
Olga (Schmidt) M|lnickel.

Parents were August SCHMIDT and Pauline SCHULZ
Their children:

Roman Schmidt   - born May 1883 in Solodyri, Volhynia,
                  emigrated 1905 to Winnipeg, Canada

Rudolf Schmidt  - born October 1885 in Solodyri

Assaf Schmidt   - born September 1887 in Pulin

Tabea Schmidt   - born 15 Dec. 1889 in Pulin,
                  died 1979/80 in Alma-Ata, Kasachstan

Olga Schmidt    - born 21 May 1891 in Pulin, marr. 27 April
                  1911 Robert M\HLNICKEL (in Pulin),
                  died 28 Feb. 1946 in Zwesten, Germany

Lydia Schmidt   - born 29 April 1893 in Pulin,
                  marr. Wilhelm NEUMANN,
                  died 1989 in Kokcheta, Kasachstan

Albert Schmidt  - born February 1896 in Pulin

August Schmidt  - born 31 Jan. 1898 in Pulin, marr. Adina
                  SELL of Ivanowitch (daughter of Friedrich
                  Wilhelm Sell), missed in 1941

Elsa Schmidt    - born April 1900 in Pulin

Pauline Schmidt - born 26 Dec. 1902 in Pulin,
                  marr. Friedrich SAGER of Skolobow.
                  Pauline and her son Rolf (b. 4 Oct. 1926)
                  emigrated in 1948, Pauline died 1995 in
                  Winnipeg, Canada

Rubin Schmidt   - born 31 May 1907, now in Bremen, Germany

Hope this helps.
Irene Kopetzke

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