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Mon Feb 25 11:18:49 PST 2002


already having read the emails of you all for some weeks today I like to
introduce myself and ask you for help.

My name is Anke Sommerfeld, I'm 35 years old, live in the South of Germany and
search for the ancestors of my husband and me for nearly exactly two years.
The reason to start genealogy is our little son.

Today I like to give you the ancestors concerning Volhynia and I hope someone
can help we with additional dates and/or new ancestors. Here they are:

Johann SOMMERFELD (* about 1855, + after 1921)
oo before 1885 with Emilie POTZ (* 1854?)

        Their children are:

        Michael SOMMERFELD (* 1885 Ukraine, + 1952 Poppentien, Mecklenburg,
        oo Emilie SIEBERT (+ after 1952)
        went to Sibiria and then came to Germany

        Andreas SOMMERFELD (* between 1885 and 1898), it is said that he
emigrated to America

        Ludwig SOMMERFELD (* between 1885 and 1898)
        oo Leokardia <UNKNOWN> (* Austria)

        Karoline SOMMERFELD (* between 1885 and 1898)
        oo Christian SCHACHT

        Julius SOMMERFELD (* 01.03.1899, + possibly in M|lheim an der Ruhr,
        oo Elisabeth <UNKNOWN>

        Friedrich Emanuel SOMMERFELD (* 18.06.1902 Julianowka/Kreis Shitomir,
+ 1938 M|lheim an der Ruhr/Germany)
        oo about 1923 with Olga GERNDT (* 25.03.1903 Radom/Poland, +
12.03.1993 M|lheim an der Ruhr/Germany),

I would be very glad, if somebody could give me more information. This part of
my ancestor tree is the most difficult one I think.

Thank you for reading

Anke (Reinholdt)

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