[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Brandt Descendants

Richard Stein stein at enel.ucalgary.ca
Thu Feb 28 20:07:47 PST 2002

I am seeking information about the descendants of my grandfather's sister
Olga Stein and her husband Oskar Brandt.  All that we know about the family
is summarized below.  I will be grateful for any information about the
Brandt family, and any suggestions for posting my request on listserves or
other places in Germany.

Dick Stein
stein at enel.ucalgary.ca
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

OSKAR BRANDT, b.18 Oct 1883, Michalowka Rudki, Lutsk, Volhynia.  Father
Wilhelm Brandt, b. 28 Sep 1857, Lublin.  Mother Julianne Schulz, b.1862,
Lublin, d. Mathildow, Lutsk

Married 25 Feb 1908, Wladimir to

OLGA STEIN, b.11 Apr 1890, Antonowka, Wladimir, Volhynia.  Father Gottlieb
Stein, b.1856, Chodnow, Rawa, d.c1915, Siberia.  Mother Louise Kitzmann, b.
22 Jul 1866, Feltschin, Chelm, d.1952, Falun, Alberta, Canada

MARTHA BRANDT, b.24 Feb 1919, Omsk, Siberia
REINHARD BRANDT, b.12 Feb 1921, Omsk, Siberia
ELFRIEDE BRANDT, b.20 Oct 1923, Antonowka, Wladimir, Volhynia

Oskar and Olga Brandt and their three children were resettled in January
1940 to the Warthegau region of Poland, and then fled to Germany in 1945.
It is believed that the elder daughter Martha was separated from her family
and lost in 1945.  Oskar and Olga Brandt lived in  Germany (place not known)
until their deaths about 1960.  Olga Brandt wrote a couple of times to her
brother in Alberta, Canada after the war, but no correspondence was saved
and no one remembers the name of their town.  As far as is known, the Brandt
children remained in Germany.

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