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Sun Jul 7 14:55:59 PDT 2002

 Hello Karl,

Above the local level, the local groups (Ortsgruppen), the NSDAP was divided
into Gaue. The borders of these "Gaue" oriented themselves on those of the
electoral districts of the pre -WWII German Parliament (Reichstag) out of
the time of the Weimar-republik. On the head there were the Gau-leaders
(Gauleiter), who had to prevail the political will of the "leader"(Fuehrer -
Adolf Hitler) and the Parliamant leadership (Reichsparteileitung). To the
Gaue of 1933 there were added in 1939 the Austrian- , the Sudetengau, the
Reichsgau Danzig-Westprussia and Posen-Wartheland. Into 1945 Posen was
returned to Poland and the German population was expelled.
Further informations you can find at:

Hope this helps a little bit.

Furthermore I'm very interested in your Krueger familytree. What do you know
about your grandparents? I have gathered hundreds of Krueger dates from LDS,
worldconnect-project, private contacts etc. in a Krueger-database during the
last months from Babiak, Kolo, Dabie, Sompolno etc. Perhaps we can find a

Regards from Germany,


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