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Tue Jul 9 08:35:58 PDT 2002

Hi Loren & Nelson.

If you are certain it is in Volhynia, then the place is probably Nevir, a 
remote German settlement area about 76 km NNE of Kowal, on the north bank 
of the Pripyat River and just 3 km from the border with Belarus.

In Ukraine I did also find Navaria but it is located about 12 km SW of Lvov 
which would be Galicia, not Volhynia.

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At 08:52 AM 09/07/2002 -0600, Nelson wrote:
>Hi Loren:
>I am passing your question to a listserv to see if they can answer your
>question. I can't say that I have ever seen the name.
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> > I am trying to locate the home village of my mother's ancestors in
>Wolhynia. I
> > have seen it printed as Neviera or Neuiera. Does this name resemble
>anything you
> > have seen? If so where is it located or what is the present name? I would
> > most grateful for any assistance you can provide.
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