[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Morkowo, Babiak parish

Richard Stein stein at enel.ucalgary.ca
Mon Jul 22 14:47:04 PDT 2002

	The article "Evangelische Familiennamen um Babiak in Mittelpolen zwischen
1780 und 1804" by Adalbert Goertz in Ostdeutsche Familienkunde - Heft
3/1998, lists villages in Babiak parish of that time, including one named
MORKOWO.  I didn't find it with Shetl-seeker, nor on Jerry Frank's maps.
Some of the villages listed extend quite a way northwest of Babiak, such as
Bycz and Kozki, and possibly Morkowo lies in that direction.
	I encountered the village name on the death record of Jakob Rachui, age 84,
at Przewoz Maly (northwest of Sompolno) in 1831.  It stated that Jakob
Rachui was the son of Woyciech and Anna Elizabeth Rachui of Morkowie.  There
is nothing to indicate that Morkowie lies in another province, which
possibly indicates that it is in the same district/province as Przewoz Maly,
and that it may be the one in Babiak parish mentioned above.
	Does anyone have information on the location of this village Morkowo?
Thanks for any help.  Dick Stein

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