[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Morkowo, Babiak parish

Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
Mon Jul 22 16:59:51 PDT 2002

Just returned this afternoon from the SGGEE / FEEFHS conference.

This place is on my map but my resources show it as Markowo, not 
Morkowo.  It is actually NE of Babiak, just a few km SE of Brzesc.

At 03:47 PM 22/07/2002 -0600, Richard Stein wrote:
>         The article "Evangelische Familiennamen um Babiak in Mittelpolen 
> zwischen
>1780 und 1804" by Adalbert Goertz in Ostdeutsche Familienkunde - Heft
>3/1998, lists villages in Babiak parish of that time, including one named
>MORKOWO.  I didn't find it with Shetl-seeker, nor on Jerry Frank's maps.
>Some of the villages listed extend quite a way northwest of Babiak, such as
>Bycz and Kozki, and possibly Morkowo lies in that direction.
>         I encountered the village name on the death record of Jakob 
> Rachui, age 84,
>at Przewoz Maly (northwest of Sompolno) in 1831.  It stated that Jakob
>Rachui was the son of Woyciech and Anna Elizabeth Rachui of Morkowie.  There
>is nothing to indicate that Morkowie lies in another province, which
>possibly indicates that it is in the same district/province as Przewoz Maly,
>and that it may be the one in Babiak parish mentioned above.
>         Does anyone have information on the location of this village Morkowo?
>Thanks for any help.  Dick Stein

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
jkfrank at shaw.ca

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