[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] In Search of a Researcher

Omagrooman at aol.com Omagrooman at aol.com
Sat Jul 27 17:54:16 PDT 2002

 optimistically began my genealogical research in 1979. I had some success. 
Traced my maternal ancestors in Bremerhaven, Germany back some 200 years, and 
other maternal ancestors in the area of Stuttgart as well. I visited the 
homeland, saw their homes, worshipped in their churches. Ibve published a 
book about one ancestor, a great-uncle who became an Orphan Train Rider in 
the US at the turn of the century. What I am saying is, Ibm not a total 

Now we come to the paternal side. Twenty three years, and I still do not have 
copies of the records of birth of my paternal grandparents in 1862 and 1869. I
bm ready to throw in the towelb&but not quite. I think I am ready to find an 
overseas researcher. This is where I need suggestions from other list 

Ibve become familiar with the divisions of Poland, understand there have been 
many changes, was surprised to find some records in Sierpc/Plock/Poland. Even 
received documentation from Warsaw. Now I am stuckb&a woman without a country. 
I know from documents received from Warsaw that Ibm seeking records from the 
area around Torun. Communities, villagesb&.whatever you want to call themb&
include Schulitz, Ruden, and Orlowo. I know these places exist, but what 
microfilm to order, what Archive to correspond with? As I look at the pile of 
receipts for microfilm Ibve ordered from FHL, I realize I have spent a great 
deal of money with not a lot of results. The "official" documents I received 
from Warsaw only cost me $45b&money well spent.  Ibm growing weary and itbs 
time to bring this adventure to a close.

Do any of you know of someone in the area mentioned above who is willing to 
do some research at a reasonable rate? I can furnish the researcher copies of 
the documents I have in hand; names and dates of birthb&deathb&marriage, etc. 
which should make search a little easier. Ibd like to say money is no object, 
but that would be a lie. I have to establish a budget while understanding 
that a researcherbs time is money.

While Ibm here rambling, let me add that I have appreciated all the 
suggestions so many members have sent. Itbs a shame that I donbt seem to 
quite fit any list. My German surnames look rather out of place on the great 
Poland Border Surname list, and no one on the Prussian list seems to be 
tracking the areas Ibm sniffing out

Best regards to all,

Barbara Heise Grooman
Asheville, NC

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