[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] St. Petersburg Volhynian Data - SGGEE Version.

Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Mon Jun 3 16:10:40 PDT 2002

Many of you have visited the Odessa Library, commonly known as the pixel site
to review your Volhynian data from the St. Petersburg archives.  That site has
been, and is still, linked from the SGGEE web site on the "Surname Database
Links" from the left side bar or  http://www.sggee.org/Databases.html

Now, in addition to the off-site pixel database, SGGEE has its own version of
that same data.  You will find the New Database links at the top of the same
SGGEE Databases page.

The SGGEE display format is different than on the pixel site in that only the
data that you request is displayed.  The pixel site will continue to be a
valuable resource for those of you who wish to scroll through the data one
name at a time.  We think that our display of the data, however, will be more
useful in showing family groupings, especially since you can now search all
years of births at once, all years of marriages at once, and all years of
deaths at once.

A key feature of the SGGEE version of the St. Petersburg data is that you can
use multiple search criteria at one time.  For instance:

1.  If you are searching for all the children born to a woman with a surname
Schiewe, you can do so by entering only that name in the appropriate search
box.  (If you are unsure of the spelling of a surname like Schiewe, you could
also do a search for all children born to a woman with a surname that begins
with the letters Sch).

2.  You can also do the same search by adding the additional search criteria
such as the mother's given name, or the father's given or surname, or you can
add all of that criteria.

A warning!   Be careful not to use more search criteria than you need.  For
instance, if you enter the surname Koenig, that is all that will be returned
in the search - that is you will not get any Konig names.  You can also enter
so many search criteria that you get no returned results.  Enter the minimum
amount of data you need to find what you are looking for.  Be careful about
adding too many criteria, as you will then miss some or all of the data that
will be of interest to you.  Be aware that you do not need to enter complete
words.  Thus entering only Ko will return all surnames that start with those
two letters.

One final word.  The version of the database you see on the SGGEE site is
still under construction.  In the coming months, SGGEE will add a D-M Soundex
to aid in doing a search.  The D-M Soundex is a special soundex that better
finds east European names.  When that feature is added, a separate version of
this new database will be added to the members only area.

Rose Ingram
SGGEE Research Committee

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