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In the 19th Century Ukraine was divided into Crown Colonies of Austria (Galicia, Bukovina or Subcarpathia), or large Gubernias of Russia (equivalent to North America's States or Provinces) and Uezds (equivalent to our Counties or Regions). By the end of the 2nd World War the Country of Ukraine was made up of Oblasts (equivalent to our States or Provinces) and Raions (equivalent to our Counties or Regions). There are presently 25 Oblasts and a number of Raions in each Oblast.

To communicate by letter with anyone in Ukraine, or to request information on an ancestor from an Archives in Ukraine, one should know the appropriate modern Raion and Oblast of the ancestral village or town and the Russian Gubernia or Austrian Crown Colony.

There are a number of ways to find the proper address of your ancestral home. Look in the book 'Columbia Lippincott Gazetteer of the World,' which would list the longitude and latitude of the location and should also list the Raion and Oblast.

You might also find the village on maps on the internet or in Atlases in your local library.

Be very careful of the spelling of the village, Raion and Oblast. The following are spellings transliterated from the cyrillic Ukrainian. You would need to request information from Ukraine setting out these places in Ukrainian, and this spelling would indicate how the place was spelled in cyrillic. See the transliteration guide at the end of this article to translate back into cyrillic.


The Ukrainian Archival system for family research is made up of:

- the Main Archives in Kiev
- the Central State Historical Archives in Kiev (TsDIA-K), for eastern Ukraine
- the Central State Historical Archives in Lviv (TsDIA-L), for western Ukraine
- the Oblast Archives in the 25 Oblasts
- the Registry of Vital Statistics Archives (Reyestratsiya aktiv Hromadianskoho Stanu (RAHS) - usually the same number in an Oblast as the Raions and usually based in the capital city of the Raion. These are Archives for civil records from the past 75-100 years.

The Main Archival Administration office is located in Kiev, Ukraine. There has been a success story of someone who wrote to the Central State Historical Archives in Kiev, his letter was forwarded by Kiev to the appropriate Oblast address, and he finally received a reply from the Oblast address, but it was a long wait.

There have also been success stories of persons writing to the State Historical Archives in Lviv.
Historians are recommending that you write two letters, one to the appropriate State Historical Archives, for either eastern Ukraine or Western Ukraine, and one to the Oblast Archives. The Lviv address would be for records in Galicia and Transcarpathia/ Subcarpathia, in the Oblasts of Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ternopil and Transcarpathia, and the Kiev address for the remainder of the Oblasts.

The addresses are shown with a year by each; they have changed from time to time but were current in the year indicated. Notice the order of items in an addressed envelope to Ukraine, first the Country, then the City, then the street address and finally the name of the person or office.

Ukraine Main Archives (1997)
252601, Kiev-110, MSP
vul. Solomianska, 24
Holovne Arkhivne Upravlinnia Ukrainy
Attention: Georgiy Papakin, International Department

There are also State Historical Archives in Kiev for the eastern part of Ukraine and in Lviv for the western part of Ukraine.

Central State Historical Archives in Kiev, Ukraine (1997)
252601 Kiev - 110,
vul. Solomianska, 24
Tsentralnyiderzhavny istorichyni arkhiv Ukraony, Kiev
Tel: 440-63-50

The Lviv Historical Archives also has films for Greek Catholic Parishes from the south-eastern part of Poland, which are currently being microfilmed for the Mormon Church.

Central State Historical Archives in Lviv, Ukraine (1997)
290008, Lviv - 8
pl. Soborna, 3-a
Tsentralnyi derzhavnyi istorychnyi arkhiv Ukraony, Lviv
Director: Orest Iaroslavoych Matsiuk
Deputy Director: Diana Pelc
Tel/Fax: 011-380-322-72-35-08 (ph. 72-30-63)


The following are the addresses of the Archives of the 25 Oblasts in Ukraine, and the Archive of the City of Kiev. There have not been any success stories of persons writing direct to an Oblast Archives for information, but if you were planning a trip to Ukraine, you might be able to obtain admittance for personal research. Write ahead to request an appointment to do personal research at the Archives.

The first 3 archives should contain material from the former Kingdom of Galicia in Ukraine, and the 4th archive has material from the former Kingdom of Bukovina. The 5th archive address is for the Transcarpathian Oblast in south-west Ukraine.

State Archives of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ukraine (Galicia)(1998)
284000, Ivano Frankivsk
vul. Sahaidachnoho, 42A
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Ivano-Frankivskoi oblasti
Tel: (38-03422) 63403

State Archives of Lviv Oblast, Ukraine (Galicia) (1998)
290006, Lviv
vul. Pidvalna, 13
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Lvivskoi oblasti (DALO)
Tel: 73-07-14

State Archives of Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine (Galicia) (1998)
282000, Ternopil
vul. Sahaidachnoho, 14
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Ternopilskoi oblasti
Director: Bohdan Khavarivsky
Tel: (0352) 224495 Fax: (0352) 228618

State Archives of Chernivtsi Oblast, Ukraine (Bukovina) (1998)
27400l, Chernivtsi
vul. Shevchenka, 2
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Chernivetskoi oblasti

State Archives of Transcarpathian Oblast (Sub Carpathia) (1998)
294018 Uzhhorod
vul. Minajska, 14a
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Zakarpatskoi oblasti

Addresses of the other Ukrainian Oblasts

State Archives of Cherkassky Oblast (1997)
257015, Cherkasy-15
vul. Oktiabrskaya, 244a
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Cherkaskoi oblasti

State Archives of Chernihivska Oblast (1998)
250006, Chernihiv-6,
vul. Frunze, 2
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Chernihivskoi oblasti

State Archives of Crimean Oblast (1994)
333680, Simferopol
vul. Kechkemetska, 3
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Krymskoi oblasti
Tel: 0652-22-8405

State Archives of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (1991)
320069, Dnipropetrovsk
vul. K. Libknekhta, 89
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Dnipropetrovskoi oblasti

State Archives of Donetsk Oblast (1991)
340086, Donetsk
prospekt Lahutenka, 12
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Donetskoi oblasti

State Archives of Kharkiv Oblast (1997)
310003, Kharkiv-3
prospekt Moskovskyi, 7
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Kharkivskoi oblasti

State Archives of Kherson Oblast (1991)
326000, Kherson
vul. Petrenka, 6
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Khersonskoi oblasti

State Archives of Khmelnytskyi Oblast (1997)
281900, Kamianets-Podilskyi
vul. R. Liuksemburh, 15
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Khmelnytskoi oblasti

State Archives of Kirovohrad Oblast (1991)
316013, Kirovohrad
ul. Akedemika Koroleva, 3
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Kirovohradskoi oblasti

State Archives of Kyiv Oblast (1997)
254073, Kyiv-73
vul. Frunze, 113
Derzhavyi arkhiv Kyivsko oblasti (DAKO)
Chief: Neonila Paolina Voilsekhevska
Tel: 435-00-16 435-00-19

State Archives of the City of Kyiv (1997)
252060, Kyiv-60
vul. Oleny Telehy, 23
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Mista Kyieva
Tel: 440-63-50

State Archives of Luhanska Oblast (formerly Voroshylovhrad)
UKRAINA (1991)
348053, Luhansk
ul. Sovetskaya, 85
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Luhanskoi oblasti

State Archives of Mykolaiv Oblast (1991)
327044, Mykolaiv-44
vul. Vasliaieva, 43
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Mykolaivskoi oblasti

State Archives of Odessa Oblast (1997)
270001, Odesa
vul. Zhukovskoho, 18
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Odeskoi oblasti

State Archives of Poltava Oblast (1991)
314011, Poltava
vul. Pushkina, 18/24
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Poltavskoi oblasti,

State Archives of Rovno Oblast (Volynska Gubernia) (1997)
266014, Rovno
vul. Moskovska, 26-a
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Rovenskoi oblasti

State Archives of Sumy Oblast (1991)
244030, Sumy
vul. Sadova, 49
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Sumskoi oblasti

State Archives of Vinnytsia Oblast (1997)
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Vinnytskoi oblasti
287100, Vinnytsia
vul. Lenina, 17

State Archives of Volhynian Oblast (Volynska Gubernia) (1991)
263026, Lutsk
vul. Veteranov, 21
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Volynskoi oblasti

State Archives of Zaporizhian Oblast (1991)
330095, Zaporizhia-05
vul. Ukrainska, 48
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Zaporizkoi oblasti

State Archives of Zhytomyr Oblast (Volynska Gubernia) (1997)
262001, Zhytomyr
vul. K. Libnkekhta, 17
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Zhytomyrskoi oblasti

If you wanted to write away to the Mayor of your ancestral village requesting information on your family, you could address the envelope in cyrillic Ukrainian as follows:

[name of Oblast] Oblast
[name of Raion] Raion
misto [name of village/town/city]
[Holova] Mayor
then add UKRAINE in English for your local postal authorities.

The following are the Raions and the Capital City of each Raion in each of the Oblasts, with the year these were current. Please remember this Raions are constantly changing.

Oblasts and Raions Capital City


Raions - 20

Cherkaskyi Heronymivka
Chornobaivskyi Chornobayi
Chyhyrynskyi Chyhyryn
Drabivskyi Drabiv
Horodyshchenskyi Horodyshche
Kamyanskyi Kamyanka
Kanivskyi Kaniv
Katerynopilskyi Katerynopil
Khrystynivskyi Khrystynivka
Korsyn-Shevchenkivskyi Korsyn-Shevchenskyi
Lysyanskyi Lysyanka
Mankivskyi Mankivka
Monastyryshchenskyi Monastyryshche
Shnolyanskyi Shnola
Smilyanskyi Smila
Talnivskyi Talne
Umanskyi Uman
Zhashkivskyi Zhashkiv
Zolotoniskyi Zolotonosha
Zvenyhorodskyi Zvenyhorodka


Raions - 22

Bahmatskyi Bahmach
Bobrovytskyi Bobrovytsya
Borznyanskyi Borzna
Chernihivskyi Anysiv
Horodnyanskyi Horodnya
Ichnyanskyi Ichnya
Koropskyi Korop
Koryukivskyi Koryukivka
Kozeletskyi Kozelets
Kulykivskyi Kulykivka
Menskyi Mena
Nizhynskyi Nizhyn
Nosivskyi Nosivka
Novhorod-Siverskyi Novhorod-Siverskyi
Prylutskyi Pryluky
Ripkynskyi Ripky
Semenivskyi Semenivka
Shchorskyi Shchors
Sosnytskyi Sosnytsya
Sribnyanskyi Sribne
Talalaivskyi Talalaivka
Varvynskyi Varva


Raions - 10

Hlybotskyi Hlyboka
Kelmenetskyi Kelmentsi
Khotynskyi Khotyn
Kitsmanskyi Kitsman
Novoselytskyi Novoselytsia
Putylskyi Putyla
Sokyryanskyi Sokyryany
Storozhynetskyi Storozhynets
Vyzhnytskyi Vyzhnytsia
Zastavnivskyi Zastavna

DNIPROPETROVSKA OBLAST Dnipropetrovsk (1969)

Raions and City States - 23

Apostolivskyi Apostolove
Dnipropetrovskyi Pidhorodne
Krynychanskyi Krynychky
Kryvorizkyi Kryvyi Rih
Mahdalynivskyi Mahdalynivka
Marhanets - City State
Mezhivskyi Mezhova
Nikopolskyi Nikopol
Novomoskovskyi Novomoskovsk
Ordzhonikidze - City State
Pavlohradskyi Pavlohrad
Petropavlivskyi Petropavlivka
Pokrovskyi Pokrovske
Pyatyhatskyi Pyatyhatky
Shyrokivskyi Shyroke
Sofiivskyi Sofiivka
Solonyanskyi Solone
Synelnykivskyi Synelnikove
Tomakivskyi Tomakivka
Tsarychanskyi Tsarychanka
Vasylkivskyi Vacylkivka
Verhnodniprovskyi Verhnodniprovsk
Zhoti Body - City State


Raions and City States - 29

Amvrosiivskyi Amvrosiivka
Artemivskyi Artemivsk
Dobropilskyi Dobropillya
Dryzhkivka - City
Dzerzhynsk - City
Enakieve - City
Khartsyzk - City
Khorlivka - City
Kostyantynivskyi Kostyantynivka
Kramatorsk - City
Krasnoarmiiskyi Krasnoarmiisk
Krasnolymanskyi Krasnyi Lyman
Makiivka - City
Mariinskyi Mariinka
Novoazovskyi Novoazovsk
Oleksandrivskyi Oleksandrivka
Pershotravnevyi Pershotravneve
Selydove - City
Shakhtarskyi Shakhtarsk
Slovyanskyi Slovyansk
Snizhne - City
Starobeshivskyi Starobesheve
Telmanivskyi Telmanove
Torez - City
Velykonovosilkivskyi Velyka Novosilka
Volnovaskyi Volnovakha
Volodarskyi Volodarske
Yasynuvatskyi Yasynuvata
Zhdanov - City


Raions - 14

Bohorodchanskyi Bohorodchany
Dolynskyi Dolyna
Halytskyi Halych
Horodenkivskyi Horodenka
Ivano-Frankivskyi Tysmenytsya
Kaluskyi Kalush
Kolomyiskyi Kolomyia
Kosivskyi Kosiv
Nadvirnyanskyi Nadvirna
Rohatynskyi Rohatyn
Rozhniativskyi Rozhnyativ
Snyatynskyi Snyatyn
Tlumatskyi Tlumach (formerly Tovniach)
Verkhovynskyi Verkhovyna (formerly Zhabie)


Raions - 25

Balakliiskyi Balakliya
Barvinkivskyi Barvinkove
Blyznyukivskyi Blyznyuky
Bohoduhivskyi Bohoduhiv
Borivskyi Borova
Chuhuivskyi Chuhuiv
Derhachivskyi Derhachi
Dvorichanskyi Dvorichna
Izyumskyi Izyum
Kehychivskyi Kehychivka
Kharkivskyi Lyubotyn
Krasnohradskyi Krasnohrad
Krasnokutskyi Krasnokutsk
Kupyanskyi Kupyansk
Lozivskyi Lozova
Novovodolazkyi Nova-Vodolaha
Pervomaiskyi Pervomaiske
Sakhnovshchynskyi Sakhnovshchyna
Shevchenkivskyi Shevchenkove
Valkivskyi Valky
Velykoburlutskyi Velykyi Burluk
Vovchanskyi Vovchansk
Zachepylivskyi Zachepylivka
Zmiivskyi Zmiiv
Zolochivskyi Zolochiv


Raions - 18

Beryslavskyi Beryslav
Bilozerskyi Bilozerka
Chaplynskyi Chaplynka
Henicheskyi Henichesk
Holoprystanskyi Hola Prystan
Hornostaiivskyi Hornostaiivka
Ivanivskyi Ivanivka
Kakhovskyi Kakhovka
Kalanchatskyi Kalanchak
Novotroiitskyi Novotroiitske
Novovorontsovskyi Novovorontsovka
Nyzhnosirohozkyi Nyzhni Sirohozy
Skadovskyi Skadovsk
Tsyurypynskyi Tsyurypynsk
Velykolepetyskyi Velyka Lepetykha
Velykooleksandrivskyi Velyka Oleksandrivka
Verkhnorohachytskyi Verkhnyi Rohachyk
Vysokopilskyi Vysokopillya


Raions - 19

Bilohirskyi Bilohirya
Chemerovetskyi Chemerivtsi
Derazhnyanskyi Derazhnya
Dunaevetskyi Dunaivtsi
Horodotskyi Horodok
Izyaslavskyi Izyaslav
Khmelnytskyi Ruzhychna
Krasylivskyi Krasyliv
Letychivskyi Letychiv
Novoushytskyi Nova Ushytsya
Polonskyi Polonne
Shepetivskyi Shepetivka
Slavutskyi Slavuta
Starokostyantynivskyi Starokostyantyniv
Starosynyavskyi Stara Cynyava
Teofipolskyi Teofipol
Vinkovetskyi Vinkivtsi
Volochyskyi Volochysk
Yarmolynetskyi Yarmolyntsi


Raions - 21

Bobrynetskyi Bobrynets
Dobrovelychkivskyi Dobrovelychkivka
Dolynskyi Dolynska
Haivoronskyi Haivoron
Holovanivskyi Holovanivsk
Kirovohradskyi Adzhamka
Kompaniivskyi Kompaniivka
Maloviskivskyi Mala Viska
Novhorodkivskyi Novhorodka
Novoarkhanhelskyi Novoarkhanhelsk
Novomyrhorodskyi Novomyrhorod
Novoukrainskyi Novoukrainka
Oleksandriiskyi Oleksandriya
Oleksandrivskyi Oleksandrivka
Onyfriivskyi Onyfriivka
Petrivskyi Petrove
Svitlovodskyi Svitovodsk
Ulyanovskyi Ulyanovka
Ustynivskyi Ustynivka
Vilshanskyi Vilshanka
Znamyanskyi Znamyanka

KRYMSKA OBLAST (Crimea) Simferopol (1974)

Raions and City States - 20

Alushta - City State
Bakhchysaraiskyi Bakhchysaray
Bilohirskyi Bilohirsk
Chornomorskyi Chornomorske
Dzhankoyskyi Dzhankoy
Evpatoriya - City State
Feodosia - City State
Kerch - City State
Kirovskyi Kirovske
Krasnohvardiiskyi Krasnohvardiiske
Krasnoperekopskyi Krasnoperekopsk
Leninskyi Lenine
Nyzhnohirskyi Nyzhnohirskyi
Pervomaiskyi Pervomaiske
Pozdolnenskyi Pozdolne
Sakskyi Saky
Simferopolskyi Hvardiiske
Sovetskyi Sovetskyi
Sevastopol - City State
Yalta - City State


Raions - 24

Baryshivskyi Baryshivka
Bilotserkivskyi Bila Tserkva
Bohuslavskyi Bohuslav
Borodyanskyi Borodyanka
Boryspilskyi Boryspil
Brovarskyi Brovary
Chornobylskyi Chornobyl
Fastivskyi Fastiv
Ivankivskyi Ivankiv
Kaharlytskyi Kaharlyk
Kyevo-Svyatoshynskyi Boyarka
Makarivskyi Makariv
Myronivskyi Myronivka
Obukhivskyi Obukhiv
Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi
Poliskyi Poliske
Rokytnyanskyi Rokytne
Skvyrskyi Skvyra
Stavyshchenskyi Stavyshche
Tarashchanskyi Tarashcha
Tetiivskyi Tetiiv
Vasylkivskyi Vasylkiv
Volodarskyi Volodarka
Yahotynskyi Yahotyn


Raions and City States - 27

Antratsytivskyi Antratsyt
Bilokurakynskyi Bilokurakyne
Bilovodskyi Bilovodsk
Bryanka - City State Bryanka
Kadiivka - City State Kadiivka
Kirovsk - City State Kirovsk
Komunarsk - City State Komunarsk
Krasnodonskyi Krasnodon
Krasnyi Lych - City State Krasnyi Lych
Kreminskyi Kreminna
Lutuhynskyi Lutuhyne
Lysychanskyi Lysychansk
Markivskyi Markivka
Milovskyi Milove
Novoaidarskyi Novoaidar
Novopskovskyi Novopskov
Perevalskyi Perevalsk
Pervomaisk - City State Pervomaisk
Rovenky - City State Rovenky
Rubizhne - City State
Severodonetsk - City State Severodonetsk
Slovyanoserbskyi Slovyanoserobsk
Stanychno-Luhanskyi Stanychno-Luhanske
Starobilskyi Starobilsk
Svativskyi Svatove
Sverdlovskyi Sverdlovsk
Troitskyi Troitske


Raions and City States - 24

Brodivskyi Brody
Brodyslav - City State
Buskyi Busk
Chervonohrad - City State
Drohobytskyi Drohobych
Horodotskyi Horodok
Kamyansko-Buzkyi Kamyanka Buzka (formerly Kaminka
Lvivskyi Pustomyty
Mostyskskyi Mostyska
Mykolaivskyi Mykolaiv
Nesterovskyi Nesterov (formerly Zhavkva)
Peremyshlyanskyi Peremyshlyany
Pustomytivskyi Pustomyty
Radekhivskyi Radekhiv
Sambirskyi Sambir
Skolivskyi Skole
Sokalskyi Sokal
Starosambirskyi Staryi Sambir
Stryi skyi Stryi
Truskavets - City State
Turkivskyi Turka
Yavorivskyi Yavoriv
Zhydachivskyi Zhydachiv
Zolochivskyi Zolochiv


Raions - 19

Arbuzynskyi Arbuzynka
Bashtanskyi Bashtanka
Berezanskyi Berezanka
Bereznehuvatskyi Bereznehuvate
Bratskyi Bratske
Domanivskyi Domanivka
Elanetskyi Elanets
Kazankivskyi Kazanka
Kryvoozerskyi Kryve Ozero
Mykovaivskyi Kovalivka
Novobuzkyi Novyi Buh
Novoodeskyi Nova Odesa
Ochakivskyi Ochakiv
Pervomaiskyi Pervomaisk
Snihurivskyi Snihurivka
Veselynivskyi Veselynove
Voznesenskyi Voznesensk
Vradiivskyi Vradiivka
Zhovtnevyi Zhovtneve


Raions - 26

Ananivskyi Ananiv
Artsyzkyi Artsyz
Baltskyi Balta
Berezivskyi Berezivka
Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
Bilyaivskyi Bilyaivka
Bolhradskyi Bolhrad
Frunzivskyi Frunzivka
Ivanivskyi Ivanivka
Izmailskyi Izmail
Kiliiskyi Kiliya
Kodymskyi Kodyma
Kominternivskyi Kominternivske
Kotovskyi Kotovsk
Krasnooknyanskyi Krasni Okny
Lubashivskyi Lubashivka
Mykolaivskyi Mykolaivka
Ovidiopolskyi Ovidiopol
Reniiskyi Reni
Rozdilnyanskyi Rozdilna
Saratskyi Sarata
Savranskyi Savran
Shyryaivskyi Shyryaeve
Tarutynskyi Tarutyne
Tatarbunarskyi Tatarbunary
Velikomykhailivskyi Velika Mykhailivka


Raions - 25

Chornukhynskyi Chornykhy
Chutivsky Chutove
Dykanskyi Dykanka
Hadyatskyi Hadyach
Hlobynskyi Hlobyne
Hrebihkivskyi Hrebihka
Karlivskyi Karlivka
Khorolskyi Khorol
Kobelyatskyi Kobelyaky
Kotelevskyi Kotelva
Kozelshchynskyi Kozelshchyna
Kremenchutskyi Kremenchuk
Lokhvytskyi Lokhvytsya
Lubenskyi Lubny
Mashivskyi Mishivka
Myrhorodskyi Myrhorod
Novosanzharskyi Novi Sanzhary
Orzhytskyi Orzhytsya
Peshetylivskyi Peshetylivka
Poltavskyi Kovalivka
Pyryatynskyi Peryatyn
Semenivsky Semenivka
Shyshatskyi Shyshaky
Velykobahachanskyi Velyka Bahachka
Zinkivskyi Zinkiv


Raions - 15

Berezhnivskyi Berezhne
Chervohoarmiiskyi Chervonoarmiisk
Dubnivskyi Dubno
Dubrovytskyi Dubrovytsya
Hoshchanskyi Hoshcha
Koretskyi Korets
Kostopilskyi Kostopil
Mlynivskyi Mlyniv
Ostrozkyi Ostroh
Rokytnivskyi Rokytne
Rovenskyi Horodok
Sarnenskyi Sarny
Volodymyretskyi Volodymyrets
Zarichnenskyi Zarichne
Zdolbunivskyi Zdolbuniv


Raions - 18

Bilopilskyi Bilopillya
Burynskyi Buryn
Hlukhivskyi Hlukhiv
Konotopskyi Konotop
Krasnopilskyi Krasnopillya
Krolevetskyi Krolevets
Lebedynskyi Lebedyn
Lypovodolynskyi Lypova Dolyna
Nedryhailivskyi Nedryhailiv
Okhtyrskyi Okhtyrka
Putyvlskyi Putyvl
Romenskyi Romny
Seredyno-Budskyi Seredyna-Buda
Shostkynskyi Shostka
Sumskyi Khotin
Trostyanetskyi Trostyanets
Velukopysarivskyi Velyka Pysirivka
Yampilskyi Yampil


Raions - 16

Berezhanskyi Berezhany
Borshchivskyi Borshchiv
Buchatskyi Buchach
Chortkivskyi Chortkiv
Husiatynskyi Husiatyn
Kozivskyi Kozova
Kremenetskyi Kremenets
Lanevtskyi Lanivtsi
Monastyryskyi Monastyryska
Pidvolochyskyi Pidvolochysk
Shumskyi Shumske
Terebovlyanskyi Terebovlya
Ternopilskyi Velykyi Hlybochok
Zalishchytskyi Zalishchyky
Zbarazkyi Zbarazh
Zborivskyi Zboriv


Raions - 25

Barskyi Bar
Bershadskyi Bershad
Chechelnytskyi Chechelnyk
Haisynskyi Haysyn
Illinetskyi Illintsi
Kalynivskyi Kalynivka
Khmilnytskyi Khmilnyk
Kozyatynskyi Kozyatyn
Kryzhopilskyi Kryzhopil
Litynskyi Lityn
Lypovetskyi Lypovets
Mohyliv-Podilskyi Mohyliv-Podilskyi
Murovanokurylovetskyi Murovani Kurylivtsi
Nemyrivskyi Nemyriv
Pishchanskyi Pishchanka
Pohrebyshchenskyi Pohrebyshche
Sharhorodskyi Sharhorod
Teplytskyi Teplyk
Tomashpilskyi Tomashpil
Trostyanetskyi Trostyanets
Tulchynskyi Tulchyn
Tyvrivskyi Tyvriv
Vinnytskyi Voronovytsya
Yampilskyi Yampil
Zhmerynskyi Zhmerynka


Raions and City States - 16

Horohivskyi Horohiv
Ivanychivskyi Ivanychi
Kamin-Kamyrskyi Kamin-Kamyrski
Kivertsivskyi Kivertsi
Kovelskyi Kovel
Lokachynskyi Lokachi
Lubeshivskyi Lubeshiv
Lubomlskyi Luboml
Lutskyi Mayaky
Manevytskyi Manevychi
Novovolynsk - City State
Ratnivskyi Ratne
Rozhyshchenskyi Rozhyshche
Starovyzhivskyi Stara Vyzhivka
Turiiskyi Turiisk
Volodymyr-Volynskyi Volodymyr-Volynski


Raions - 13

Berehivskyi Berehove
Irshavskyi Irshava
Khustskyi Khust
Mizhhirskyi Mizhhirya
Mukachivskyi Mykacheve
Perechynskyi Perechyn
Rahivskyi Rahiv
Svalyavskyi Svalyava
Tyachivskyi Tyachiv
Uzhhorodskyi Velyka Dobron
Velykobereznyanskyi Velykyi Bereznyi
Volovetskyi Volovetz
Vynohradivskyi Vynohradiv


Raions - 18

Berdyanskyi Berdyansk
Chernihivskyi Chernihivka
Hulyaipilskyi Hulyaipole
Kamyansko-Dniprovskyi Kamyanka-Dniprovska
Kuybyshevsky Kuybysheve
Melitopolskyi Melitopol
Mykhaylivskyi Mykhaylivka
Novomykolaivskyi Novomykolaivka
Orikhivskyi Orikhiv
Polohivsky Polohy
Pryazovskyi Pryazovsky
Prymorskyi Prymorsk
Tokmatskyi Tokmak
Vasylivskyi Vasilivka
Veselivskyi Vesele
Vilnyanskyi Vilnyansk
Yakymivskyi Yakymivka
Zaporizkyi Vilenke


Raions - 22

Andrushivskyi Andrushivka
Baranivskyi Baranivka
Berdychivskyi Berdychiv
Chernyakhivsky Chernyakhiv
Chervonoarmiiskyi Chervonoarmiisk
Chudnivsky Chudniv
Dzerzhynskyi Dzerzhynsk
Emilchynskyi Emilchyne
Korostenskyi Korosten
Korostyshivskyi Korotyshiv
Luhynskyi Luhyny
Lyubarskyi Lyubar
Malynskyi Malyn
Narodytskyi Narodychi
Novohrad-Volynskyi Novohrad-Volynskyi
Olevskyi Olevsk
Ovrutskyi Ovrych
Popilnyanskyi Popilnya
Radomyshlskyi Radomyshl
Ruzhynskyi Ruzhyn
Volodarsko-Volynskyi Volodarsk-Volynskyi
Zhytomyrskyi Kodnya



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Laurence Krupnak - email: lkrupnak at erols.com



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