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I am not sure why you would expect to find information about Ibersheim, 
Worms in a book about Galicia.  The 2 are not connected in any way unless, 
perhaps, some people migrated from Ibersheim to Galicia.

Ibersheim, Worms was founded in the 1300s which is probably well before the 
time that you will be able to research your ancestry.

If you do a Google search for Ibersheim +Germany, you will get at least 249 
hits for this location including many that seem to involve the Mennonite 
community that is of interest to you.

Note that if you change the search Ibersheim +Mueller, then +Miller, then 
+Muller, you will get over 100 total hits that will help your 
research.  Also, if you search just for Ibersheim, you will get 555 hits, 
any one of which might help you.

At 08:46 AM 04/06/2002 -0700, Karen Miller wrote:
>I have borrowed the following book:
>Ludwig Schneider, Das Kolonisationswerk Josefs
>Galizien (The Settlement Activities of (Austrian Emperor) Joseph II
>in Galacia)
>It does not seem to have Ibersheim (Worms) in it and it has the latter
>part of the 1700's early 1800's.  Would Ibersheim be called something else
>at that time?
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