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Thu Jun 6 18:37:22 PDT 2002

    Ah that's the rub!  Three or four years ago I looked at the films for
the 1901 Canadian census for the area around Morden, Manitoba.  If it hadn't
been for a cousin who lives there I might be still looking.  It turns out
that enumeration district was called "Provencher" .  Where in the name of
Heaven that name came from is beyond me.
    About ten days ago, I was looking at the 1901 census site for the
Manitoba areas of Whitemouth and Beasejour but it was hopeless because I
didn't have a clue as to the enumeration district.
    I hate to be a pessimist, but this census site is said by some to be a
sop thrown out by Ottawa while they attempt to bury forever subsequent
census reports which they are attempting to do despite opposition by all
sorts of people.



> Rose,
> So how does one find a map of the enumeration districts.
> Gary
> At 02:40 PM 6/6/2002 , Rose Ingram wrote:
> >The following was posted on a another list.
> >Rose Ingram
> >
> >------------
> >
> >Fearing system overload as happened to the Ellis Island, Family Search
> >and 1901 Census of England and Wales online databases, the National
> >Archives Canada has quietly placed online the 1901 census of Canada with
> >no public announcement. You can view it at
> >http://www.archives.ca/02/020122_e.html
> >(English version) and http://www.archives.ca/02/020122_f.html (French
> >version).
> >
> >  Only the images exist; there is no index. You must know the Canadian
> >equivalent of the U.S. enumeration district to locate a family.
> >Provinces were divided into districts and sub-districts. You can search
> >by district name, district number, sub-district name and/or sub-district
> >number. For larger cities, use the "Detailed Search" facility to add any
> >known district or sub-district information to reduce the number of hits.
> >
> >  The database uses the same software--Mr. Sid--as the Ancestry census
> >images; therefore it is possible to zoom in and out easily and shift
> >portions of the image shown on the screen. Response time seemed slower
> >than the Ancestry site.
> >
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