[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re:information/ Manitoba

Otto Weber oweber at vaxxine.com
Mon Jun 17 05:21:56 PDT 2002

To Dave Obee!
Greetings Dave. I'm back for more information.In my family reseaerch I run
into  relatives ,that
are still alive, but  I am not able to get any family information from them.
What you in old fashion way
would call 'bullheaded'.-stubborn.
I do repeatedly read  about census. Here is my question; How do you get such
 Would a  privincial census (Manitoba) provide it.
Can a person go to the municipal office,what other archives are avialable.
My problem is in the small town of Minitonas ,Swan River./Manitoba. Any
practical informatiom
is highly apreciated.Do you have anything  books on your shelf.
Like to hear from you.
Have a nice summer, Greetings

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