[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Going Brain Dead Already

DonnamarieBoyer at aol.com DonnamarieBoyer at aol.com
Wed Jun 19 23:23:55 PDT 2002

Hello Everyone. Im needing help and big times. My grandfather was born on 
Oct. 26, 1891. This is what his death certificate states and military 
records. I never met him nor any of the family. On his death certificate it 
says he was born in Austria. Parents "unknown". He came to USA in Jan. 3, 
1913 through Ellis Island. There it says that residence was P...ksluik, 
Hungary. On his honorably discharge papers it says he was born in Tristoun, 
Austria. On his Declaration of Intention it states that he was born in 
Terstina Czeck Slovakia.On his petition for Naturalization it states that he 
was born in Terstina, Poland. I hated history when young and now somehow its 
haunting me. What I missed learning out there. My question is........since 
all these places have changed...Austria, Poland, Hungary ect. 
1) Where was he actually born?
2) What country would it be now to order birth certificates from?
3) What was going on in 1891 the time he was born? Why would he have left all 
his family behind and come to the USA alone?Running from something?
He married my grandma in 1920 and in 1930 ended up Hospitalized due to a 
nervous breakdown from the stuff of the war going on and he had no family 
here besides his wife and kids. The children were small and they never 
understood him and the mom cause they spoke polish. He died in VA Hosp. in 
1967 and she died, wife, in 1942 of TB at age 48 leaving 4 children with no 
grandma, father or no one.Someone help in this request. Please dont tell me 
to read a book of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire or that stuff cause my mind 
cant suck it in. Its all too complicated for me. If someone can explain nice 
and easy.......I hope that I can understand. Im greatful in advance for any 
help from this request. God Bless, Donnamarie

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