[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Heise of Orlowo, Schneider of near Torun

Uwe Kerntopf uwe at kerntopf.com
Thu Jun 20 07:57:50 PDT 2002

Dear Barbara, dear list members,

ger-poland-volhynia-request at eclipse.sggee.org schrieb:
> From: Omagrooman at aol.com
> Have been searching for more than 20 years. Finally found some records in
> Sierpc. Am seeking: SCHNEIDER, BERTHA born 1862 in Ruden, Rudak, "near
> Thorun, Prussia."
> (ADOLPH) JULIUS HEISE, born 1869 in "Orlowo, Lipno, Poland"
> In records translated there have been references to Schulitz. Am I finally on
> the right list? Any help or suggestions appreciated.

I will take the opportunity to combine this request with my own
introduction to this list. Although I'm subscribed since November, I
haven't had enough time to do this earlier. Some things had always been
more important than my favourate hobby.

First to Barbara's question: Yes, I think you are right in this list.
Orlowo, Lipno, Poland will be subject here.
I have found two HEISE in the index of death records from Orlowo 1937 to
The name HEISE (or HEJSE, HEYZE, ...) was very common in that region, my
greatgrandmother is Emilie HEJSE, born 17 Jun 1882 in Jasien, county Lipno.

Your "Ruden/Rudak" may de Rudno, its german name during the occupation WW
II was Ruden. Have you already checked the church records of Ossowka?

And now a short introduction:

My name is Uwe Kerntopf, born 1959 in Leverkusen, living now in the
surroundings of Cologne, Germany. My KERNTOPF ancestors lived for some
generations in the "Dobriner Land", this were the counties Lipno and Rypin,
Congress Poland. I assume, they came into this region somewhen short after
the Vienna Congress, the origin might be the Netze District (Filehne,
Labischin, Schubin, ...), to where they possibly came after the 30 years
war from Kvntop, Dramburg.

My interest in family research began over 5 years ago by looking for a
special gift for the 65th anniversary for my father. Then I got infected
and am using every spare time, my job and my family will grant, for this
After a short while, I got more and more not only into these family things,
the related history and all circumstances, under which my ancestors had to
live, became interesting on same level as family research.
The "Dobriner Land" in this context is so interesting.

I joined some time ago the association "Arbeitsgemeinschaft ostdeutscher
Familienforscher (AGoFF)" and build there shortly the research group
Dobriner Land.
I had before a nice contact with board members of SGGEE and I think, that
there will be a cooperation between these two genealogical clubs in the
future. I will work on this :-)

I've already started to put infos on the web, you are invited to have a
look at http://www.dobriner-land.de. Not so many things until now, but I
have a lot of material, which needs to be checked and put into the web.


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