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> I'm particurly interested in finding year 1850 Subjancen, Koenigberg,
> > Germany.

Hello Clarence,
I think there is some misspelling in the name. There was indeed a very small 
village (94 inhabitants in 1933) called Schublauken [Szublauken, Schublau] in 
the Gumbinnen county [Landkreis Gumbinnen] of East Prussia which you may be 
looking for (American S instead of German Sch or Polish Sz, u instead of n 
and American c instead of German k). The present name is Luzki, district of 
Gussev [Gumbinnen]. Its coordinates are East 20 degrees 06 minutes, North 54 
degrees 30 minutes, and it is located 2.3 km and 120 degrees from 
Nemmersdorf, which is known today as Majakovskoe. You can find its evangelic 
parish registers if you enter Nemmersdorf at Place Search of the LDS Family 
History Library Catalog.

Good luck,
Guenther from Hilden, Germany

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