[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Going Brain Dead Already

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Fri Jun 21 01:30:37 PDT 2002

Hello Donnamarie,
in the ship manifest of Wojtek Kons it definitely reads Pekelnik and this 
seems to be the correct spelling.

At <www.iarelative.com/search/sea1297b.htm> you find a rather old message of 
a fellow genealogist researching in the same region:
Researching Otrembiak, Pekelnik, and Duhachek. Cities include Pekelnik (now 
called Piekienik, Poland), and Trstena.
<punchkie at iols.com>
Posted 20 December 1997

If you enter its present Polish name Piekielnik into <www.pilot.pl> you get 
the location near the western Slovakian border. The other locality is the 
nearby Slovakian town of Trstena at the Orava river (just 15 km southwast of 
Piekielnik). its homepage ist <www.trstena.sk>. Maybe it was the former 
district capital of Pekelnik.

Goof luck,
from Hilden near Duesseldorf, Germany

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