[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Milas of Konin area

Marcus Milas marcus.milas at web.de
Fri Jun 28 09:49:50 PDT 2002

Dear fellow researchers,

I am new to this list and am researching the genealogy of the my Milas family who used to live in the area of Konin in (Russian) Poland.

My family tree starts with Samuel Milas (born 1755, died 22.12.1831 in Kozia Gora) and his two wifes Anna Dorothea Kebschen and Anna Dorothea Wentzel (born 1778, died 22.1.1840 in Rumin).

The names of their descendants include: Bohr, Dietrich, Firle, Grinde, Hermann, Kaus, Krause, Kuehn, Mikolajewski, Milas, Milbradt, Muench, Penno, Petrik and Runge.

The places they lived in include: Bielawy, Brzezinskie Holendry, Dabrowa, Dolany, Genowefa, Golina, Goranin, Kamionka, Kazimierz, Kolno, Kopydlowo, Konin, Kozia Gora, Krasnice, Marjanowo, Maslaki, Modla, Mysliborz, Pontnowskie Holendry, Rembowo, Rostoka, Rumin, Siemicze Male, Stogi, Szyszlowskie Holendry, Weglewskie Holendry, Wielopole, Wladzimirowo, Wola Koszutska, Zarzyn, Ziemiecin.

Many Milas family members seem to have emigrated to the USA around the turn and at the beginning of the 20th century. Included in this tree are the siblings Wilhelm Milas, Adolf Milas, Ottilia Milas and Hermann Milas, whose descendants I am still searching for. They emigrated to Illinois at the beginning of the 20th century.

If you have any information or questions concerning this Milas family tree and any descendants, please contact me directly at marcus.milas at web.de.

Thank you and
kind regards from Germany,

Marcus Milas

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