[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Seeking information on likely Volhynian emigrants Matthias Stankevitz and Wilhelmina Nienicz or Nicniewicz

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Sat Jun 29 11:25:22 PDT 2002


I waited to see if anyone else would tackle the answer to your email, but
no one has, as far as I can see, so I will make a feeble attempt to
answer some of the questions posed.  My comments are in bold below

Gary Warner

At 08:57 PM 6/26/2002 , Stephen H Karlson wrote:

  The individuals named in the subject line are two of my

  The petition for naturalization of Matt Stankevitz gives his country
  of origin as Prussia.  His death certificate states he was born in
  Wittemberg, Germany (as in Martin Luther's theses).  He arrived New
  York in August 1888.  Wilhelmina's death certificate gives her place
  of birth as "Germania."

  Both Matt and Wilhelmina were Baptists, they spoke Polish, and they
  were listed in Anuta's _East Prussians from Russia_ although the
  records and oral tradition we have in hand gives nothing about where
  in the German settlements they lived.

  My questions:

  1.  Because Matthias and Wilhelmina and some of their older children
  arrived prior to the opening of Ellis Island, any record of their
  arrival would be in an archive other than Ellis Island.  Which
  archives would be most likely to be useful in documenting their
  arrival in the States?

People immigrating to many ports to enter the USA, including entry first
into Canada and then land travel to the USA.  A few of the ports are
Portland (Maine), Boston, Philadelphia, Halifax, Quebec City, and St.
John (New Brunswick), but most of the eastern seaboard accepted foreign
ships, as did places like Galveston, Texas in the south.  It is therefore
anyone's guess where your people entered unless you know where they
immediately settled when they got here, and even that may not be a good
enough clue.  

  2.  I know the Germans kept reasonably good records (not as good as
  the Puritans, but pretty good by the standards of the day.)  What
  archives for Wittemberg would be most helpful?  Are there indices to
  German records available in US libraries or online?

  Thanks for your advice

  Stephen Hopkins Karlson
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