[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Genealogical Convention 2002

John Marsch jmarsch at t2.net
Fri Mar 1 07:06:50 PST 2002

    The attention of the subscribers to this Listserve is directed to
SGGEE's web site home page at www.sggee.org regarding the very recent agenda
update to the 2002 International genealogical convention in Regina
Saskatchewan, Canada.  Participants in the convention are the Federation of
East European History Societies (FEEFHS), Society for German Genealogy in
Eastern Europe (SGGEE), Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS), the
Bukovina Society of the Americas (BSA) and the East European Genealogical
Society (EEGS)
    The registration form is available for downloading from the SGGEE site
or by contacting John Marsch at jmarsch at t2.net

Convention Committee

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