[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Muencho, Mincho, Muenchau, Mincho

Astrid Müncho astrid.muencho at gmx.de
Mon Mar 11 06:25:23 PST 2002

I'm searching for information about history and fate of my family. The
exists in four varieties: Muencho, Mincho, Muenchau, Minchau. My
grandfather Hermann was born in 1893 in Glueckstal/Baranovka in Volhynia. 
His father was Michael, a ranger, his mother Helene Schmechel. They had 8 
sons and 1 daughter. As far as I know, one brother's name was Oswald, the 
daughter's name could be Bertha. Oswald immigrated to U.S.A,Michigan, my 
grandfather in 1920 to Riga/Latvia. In the village Hasenpoth/Aizpute in
had lived a cousin of my grandfather, Oswald M|nchau/Minchau. In 1939 my 
family left Latvia, they came to Poland, after WW II they came to Germany, 
where we still live.
I'm very interested about facts about my family: where they came from, what
happened with the relatives in Volhynia, are relatives still alive?
I will be very thankful for any news.

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