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My great-grandparents, Gustav and Marie Schlender, also lived in the Tuchin/Tutschin/Tuczyn area of Volhynia and came to Southwest Michigan, into the Benton Harbor/St. Joseph area, around 1908-09.  They came over on the ship Chemnitz, which arrived at Baltimore.  You might check to see if you are able to locate surnames through www.ancestry.com.  I have found the ship's records on that website, with family names listed.  Good Luck!

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Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Benke Family from Volhynia

In the late 1800's, my grandmother's parents (along
with other families) emmigrated to the US from
Volhynia.  They settled in southwestern Michigan
(Benton Harbor and surrounding areas).  I am having
some difficulty in finding their arrival information
(ship, port, etc.) and what families actually came

Following are some family names of emmigrants:
Benke/Behnke  Hafer/Haffer  Villwock  Schroeder 

Individuals include:
Gottlieb Benke
Charlotte Adeline Hafer
Ferdinand Hafer
Henrietta Frederike Willhelmine Villwock
Caroline Schroeder

Place names associated with these emmigrants include:
Kalisch, Poland
Scharlottental, Germany
Tutschin, Roebuc District, Shitomir Parish, Volhynia

I have a web site that gives what our family knows
about these emmigrants at:


I would appreciate any information that you could
share and/or leads and research suggestions.


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