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At 05:56 PM 12/03/2002 -0600, Hazel Bochinski wrote:
>Gottleib Weiss married Pauline Steinke 1886 in Russia, one child Augusta was
>born Drashna, Russia Dec. 18, 1890
>Paulines father was Ludwig Steinke I know no more.except that he had a brother
>John and William and a sister (name unknown).

Pauline Weiss, daughter of Gottlieb and Pauline, married my uncle, Bill Frank.

I have not been able to find anyone who can sort out this Steinke family 
with certainty.  You are going to find the following very confusing so I 
recommend you try to chart it out.  Based on data cleaned from church 
records at Emerson, Manitoba, family records, and claimed relationships by 
cousins, I have come up with some facts and assumptions.

Pauline's father, Ludwig Steinke as you reference above was married to 
Pauline (Ernestine?) Henke.  This Pauline lived to be 101 years old and 
died in Manitoba.  They actually lived at Anieluwka, a few km NE of 
Derashna.  Derashna was simply the nearest market town.

I have a record of 5 children:
Auguste born 24 June 1873
Gustav (married to a Miss Leak and moved to Brazil)
William (married to Augusta Sperling and moved to the States)
Pauline (my aunt as noted above)
August (married to Emily Steinke)

Now Emily Steinke in the line above is the daughter of Ferdinand Steinke 
and Henrietta Patzer.  Ferdinand is the son of Michael Steinke and 
Euphrosine Ratz who also lived at Anieluwka.

Hold that thought for a moment and switch to the Franks.

My father Gustav, and Bill are children of August Frank and Pauline 
Kreutz.  Pauline Kreutz is the daughter Michael Kreutz and Julianna 
Steinke.  And guess were all these people lived in Volhynia.  Both the 
Kreutz and Frank families lived at Anieluwka.

Stay with the Franks a moment - Bill's sister, my aunt Juliane Frank 
married Michael Ganske.  Their son, Reinhold married Martha Steinke, 
daughter of August Steinke and Emily Steinke above.

One more now - back to the Kreutz family.  Emily Kreutz is the daughter of 
Ludwig Kreutz and Caroline Jensen.  Ludwig is brother to Pauline and 
therefore the son of Michael Kreutz and Julianna Steinke.  This Emily 
marries Henry Steinke.  Henry is the son of Michael Steinke and Emily Rentz 
and this Michael in turn is the son of Michael Steinke and Euphrosine Ratz 
referenced earlier.

All these people seem to be aware that they have married cousins of one 
sort or another but no one seems to know exactly what the fit is.

The best assumption I have been able to come up with is:

Michael Steinke (married to Euphrosine Ratz) and Ludwig Steinke (married to 
Pauline Henke) and Juliana Steinke (married to Michael Kreutz) are all 
siblings.  This seems to be the only fit that makes all these others 
cousins.  However, I have no documented proof for this relationship and it 
seems to exclude the two brothers John and William which you suggest should 
be part of this family.

Note that a researcher in Saskatchewan claims that this Steinke family had 
origins in Gostynin parish, Russian Poland.  This is the same origin as the 
Frank family.  I have researched available records for that parish and have 
found no documentation that this Steinke family ever lived there.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
jkfrank at shaw.ca

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