[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Wandering Volhynians Subscription

Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
Tue Mar 12 18:55:42 PST 2002

At 07:27 PM 12/03/2002 -0700, Miles Ertman wrote:
>    I tried to send an e-mail to Ewald Wuschke at the @aol.com address given
>on the Wandering Volhynians website.  The e-mail came back undelivered.
>Does anyone know if he has a new e-mail address?  Is Ewald still the person
>to whom one applies for a membership?  I am wondering where I might find
>some information about the origins of the WV Surname Database and if there
>is additional information available.

Perhaps someone else can offer his address.  Ewald has been ill with heart 
problems for the last few years.  He discontinued the magazine in 1999.  I 
have heard rumours about it being resurrected at some point but don't know 
if that happened.

I created the Surname Database from the pedigree charts of subscribers.  It 
is current through about 1996.  I removed myself from involvement with the 
magazine in 1997.  The only additional data that can be provided is the 
address of the original submitter of the information.  Everything else is 
in the database.

I still have the original files and may be able to answer 
questions.  Please email me privately for assistance.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
jkfrank at shaw.ca

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