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John Marsch jmarsch at t2.net
Tue Mar 12 19:21:29 PST 2002

    The last issue of the Wandering Volhynian (WV) quarterly was published
in September of 1999 and the last Surname Database, a reprint of the 1998
database, was included in the June issue the same year.  It appears very
doubtful whether the WV group will ever resume functioning.
    Ewald Wuschke's email address has been changed but I do not have his new
Approximately three and half years ago a new non profit Poland/Volhynian
genealogy society was formed and registered with the federal government of
Canada.  The society is member owned and directed.  It is known as the
Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe (SGGEE).  You are invited to
examine the public portion of the SGGEE web site at www.sggee.org   This
Listserve is maintained by SGGEE as well.
    If you wish further information regarding SGGEE, please email the
Society at contact at sggee.org or membership at sggee.org

John Marsch
SGGEE Membership Committee


> Hello,
>    I tried to send an e-mail to Ewald Wuschke at the @aol.com address
> on the Wandering Volhynians website.  The e-mail came back undelivered.
> Does anyone know if he has a new e-mail address?  Is Ewald still the
> to whom one applies for a membership?  I am wondering where I might find
> some information about the origins of the WV Surname Database and if there
> is additional information available.
>    Thanks,
>    Miles Ertman

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