[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] AUGUSTE LEHMANN

Don Kronenberger sdkron at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 13 05:36:10 PST 2002

I am trying to unravel the mystery of my g-grandmother.  According to the 
1900 census, she was born in August 1873 in "Germany".  By March 1896 she 
was in Cleveland, Ohio and married Jan KRONENBERGER, who had emigrated from 
Maszewo, Plock, Poland to Cleveland, arriving in June of 1893. She died in 
Cleveland in 1902.  The marriage and death certificates simply reiterate 
that she was born in "Germany" and no parents listed. No birth record in 
Plock for a person of this name in 1873. The Ellis Island website shows only 
one Auguste LEHMANN of the correct age, indicating that she arrived in April 
1893 and came from "Friedek."  There appear two be two towns of this name, 
one in southwest Poland and the other over the border in the Czech Republic. 
  Was there a German settlement in either of these locations?  Nothing 
appears on Jerry Frank's map for this area?  Any suggestions appreciated.

Don Kronenberger
sdkron at hotmail.com

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