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Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
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At 08:36 AM 13/03/2002 -0500, Don Kronenberger wrote:
>I am trying to unravel the mystery of my g-grandmother.  According to the 
>1900 census, she was born in August 1873 in "Germany".  By March 1896 she 
>was in Cleveland, Ohio and married Jan KRONENBERGER, who had emigrated 
>from Maszewo, Plock, Poland to Cleveland, arriving in June of 1893. She 
>died in Cleveland in 1902.  The marriage and death certificates simply 
>reiterate that she was born in "Germany" and no parents listed. No birth 
>record in Plock for a person of this name in 1873. The Ellis Island 
>website shows only one Auguste LEHMANN of the correct age, indicating that 
>she arrived in April 1893 and came from "Friedek."  There appear two be 
>two towns of this name, one in southwest Poland and the other over the 
>border in the Czech Republic.  Was there a German settlement in either of 
>these locations?  Nothing appears on Jerry Frank's map for this area?  Any 
>suggestions appreciated.

I can't say if they were German settlements but certainly a Friedek located 
in modern southwest Poland would have been in Silesia which was part of 
Germany in 1873.  The one in Czech may have been in Austria-Hungary but I 
am not sure where the historical border was at the time.

My map only covers Russian Poland so it would not show places in Silesia or 

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