[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Location of Saretski/Saretsche, Volhynia?

Miles Ertman milesertman at powersurfr.com
Fri Mar 15 09:24:33 PST 2002


I asked this question before and the replies (thanks!) were that
Saretski/Saretsche was actually Sorotschin.  I was looking on a map and
Sorotschin seems to be a long way from where Saretsche/Saretski is.
Saretsche/Saretski is about 25 miles from Solomiak or Janowka (near
Kostopol, Volhynia).  My grandmother lived in Janowka, went to school in
Solomiak, was married in Lucinow Baptist Church, and her father also had a
farm in Saretsche/Saretski which she said was about 25 miles away.  It took
her, as a child, a whole day to walk there.  These places are most likely
all fairly close to each other.  Perhaps Saretski/Saretsche was just a
scattering of farms similar to Licinow?

   Miles Ertman 

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