[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Rhineland - Bavaria

Ed Sonnenburg esonnenburg at gate-way.net
Thu Mar 14 16:30:16 PST 2002

Hello Guenther:

If you look at a globe of the world and put your finger on Germany, the
whole country almost disappears.
I have never been to Europe.  There are German visitors that come to Canada
and the first thing they
notice is the big wide open spaces.   I once worked near the Toronto airport
and spoke to 2 German
men that wanted to rent a car and travel across Canada and back in 2 weeks.
I had to laugh.  If they
drive and sleep only they might have a bit of time to stop and see some of
the sights.

All of Europe fits into the province of Ontario.   To me it's as if all of
you are living shoulder to should in Europe.
Someone in Canada once did a calculation.   If every Canadian stood the same
distance from the
next Canadian each person would have 5 square miles (8 square kilometers) to
himself.   When
gas was cheaper years ago my father drove from Toronto to Edmonton (2,500
kms) for 20 dollars.

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