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This is in regard to your letter to "Nelson" on 3/20/02. The notes I have 
regarding the time of death of pastor Julius Hermann Johannson are somewhat 
different. In the AHSGR Work Paper NO. 22, Winter, 1976, page 23, paragraph 
3, (referring to pastor Johannson)...."When it became possible for him to 
return home in 1918, he died en route in Saratov." Also at www.wolhynien.de/ 
under "Kleine Photogalerie," "Konfirmationsurkund," there is an entry at the 
end that reads as follows: (again referring to pastor Johannson) "In der 
Verbannung an Cholera gestorben."

On my mother's confirmation record it appears as though the pastor signed his 
name J. Johannsen.  In Ewald Wuschke's translation of the "Die 
Evangelisch-Lutherischen Gmeiden in Russland," found in the Wandering 
Volhynians, Vol. 3, # 3, Sept. 1990, p. 14-15, he spelled the pastors name as 
J. Johannsen.

Do you or any of the other subscribers have additional clues as to which 
information is correct?

Harold A. Kwast

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