[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re: Filial Kirche in Nowin & Beresowo Hath/Pastor Johansson

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Thu Mar 21 17:37:34 PST 2002

Nelson:  I have the two Konfirmation certificates of my grandmother and 
grandfather - both confirmed by Paster Johansson. 

Details:  Adam Andert, born 25 November 1895, confirmed 27 Feb 1911 in der 
Filial-Kirche zu Nowin.  Pastor J. Johannson

And Johanna Gottschalk, born 13 Jun 1892, confirmed 2 May 1908 in der 
Filial-Kirche zu Beresowo Hath.  Pastor J. Johannson 

You can find a copy of Johanna's certificate on Irene Kopetzki's 
www.wolhynien.de website with Pastor's signature (in the photo section).  
"Filial" was written in a blank space before printed "kirche".  

 It appears that Pastor Johannson moved to the community churches throughout 
the area.   The Gottschalk's were deported same year, like many others from 
the area.  They did not return until 1919.  (found history in the EWZ 

Carol Gottschalk Burns 
burnstwo at aol.com 

Surnames:  Gottschalk, Em(m)er(t), Andert, Druger, Poltzien, Schroeder, 
Bartel, Christmann, Shulz, Breymann, Fehlberg, Schmidt, Kip, Trottnow, Hahn, 
Mittelstaedt, Muller, Redevich, Spitz, Wildemann, Kruger, Wolfert, Klass, 
Bader, Kormann, Hartmann, Feuerbach, Schauerbaum, Falk, Sell, Roehl 

Villages in New East Prussia:  Konigshuld/Paproc Duza, Wilhelmsdorf/Krole, 
Mecklenberg/Kowalowka, Zaszkow, Paproc Mala, Silberwald.  

Villages in Volhynia (from approx. 1876):  Beresowo Hath, Sokolov, Novin, 
Heimthal, Sergiewka, areas around Kreis Pulin, near Zhitomir.   Surnames from 
this area:  Gottschalk, Andert, Emmer, Dreger, Gertz, Kelm, Krenz, Bethke, 
Ott, Kritschun, Pawelcik, Rinas; looking for others.   >>

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