[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Recording illegitimate birth in PAF?

John Marsch jmarsch at t2.net
Fri Mar 22 12:00:41 PST 2002

        In Legacy there is no established protocol to record illegitimate
births.  I do the same as you are doing in PAF and I also add a note to the
mother indicating the birth circumstances such as "Unwed mother" or "Not
married to father", etc..
    Legacy also provides the choice of not printing notes or portions of
notes in reports where privacy is considered necessary.  PAF may do so also.

John Marsch


> Is there any special procedure for doing this in PAF?  Or in other
> for that matter?
> At present, where the father is known, I record the mother and father
> without a marriage event and then add a note to the child.  I don't see
> reference to this in the help file.
> Is this OK or is there a better way?
> Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
> jkfrank at shaw.ca
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