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The best way to keep children in the correct family is to start out that 
way.  If there is an illegitimate child, then make a family only with the 
child and the mother.  If she has several illegitimate children, then make 
several families with only the mother and one child in each family, unless 
you know for sure that the same father was involved in each case.  There 
are several genealogy programs (Legacy for one) that will allow you to 
attach children to more than one family (ie., a birth family and also an 
adopted family, but for tracing family lines it makes a real mess of your 
database.  The problem is that the genealogy program does not know which 
set of parents to show in the pedigree view.  You are better off to keep 
the children with their birth parents unless you do not intend to trace the 
birth parents of an adopted child.

Gary Warner

  At 06:30 PM 3/27/2002 , Mihamill at aol.com wrote:
>Concerning the birth of an illeg. child, and recording.   I have tried all
>kinds of subterfuge and none of it works; just louses up the printouts.   I
>am researching the father's family and  wow am I bollexed up.   Have written
>to  Broderbund and suggested  they figure out a way to do this, but they have
>never replied.  (The Mother later married another man and he keeps getting
>credit for the child.)
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