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Your Gubin would appear to be the same as the current town of Gubin (on the
Polish side of the Neisse River) or Guben (on the German side).  It is
located about 40 km northeast of Cottbus.  From my map, it looks like most
of the town is in Poland.

Dick Benert
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>I was very interested in the discussion regarding Wathegau. My husband's
>family was relocated by the German Army in January of 1940 from Dubniki,
>near Vladimir in Volhynia to Guben(sp?).   My father-in-law always said
>it was in Warthegau. I wonder if there is any one who might know of the
>location of  Guben or of the Radke's who lived in Gubin or in Volhynia
>or who were moved at the same time?
>Barbara Macdonald
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