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Marlo Marlo at nwonline.net
Sun May 5 14:43:36 PDT 2002

Jerry,  I like your map except it makes no sense to me.  I am looking
for German village called in 1882 "Alt Dubiszcze".  Its coordinates
are 50degrees 56N; 25degrees 19'E.
On a map of Austria=Hungary 1917
it appears as "Kol. Str. Dubiszcz".
I can't place it on a map of today
and does it exist, if so what is it called?  Thanks,  Marlo
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> The original link for these Ukraine maps has been changed according
to the
> webmaster:
> --------------------------
> I had to reorganize files on the server yesterday and the URL for
> Ukraine maps had to be changed. Bookmark the following URL for all
> Soviet maps:
> http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/EART/soviet_maps.html
> More images need to be added. So if you run into a dead link, keep
> back. Glad that these maps are useful to you.
> John
> ----------------------------
> Note that there is continuing expanded coverage now extending
eastward from
> Ukraine into Georgia and Russia.  It appears it will eventually
extend on
> up to the Volga River settlement regions.  Keep checking back if
> region of interest is not yet covered.
> Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
> jkfrank at shaw.ca
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