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Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
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It appears that Stare Dubiszcze does not appear on the modern map but 
Dubiszcze is there.

 From the map at the main link, click on Ukraine.  On the NW corner, click 
the square with Luck in it.

Now click #39 Lutsk.  The upper left corner of that map is 51N 25E.

Go to the right to grid #80 and down to #44.  I cannot reproduce the 
characters for you but Dubiszcze is near the top of that square and looks 
like  -yb-we  (where I cannot give you the dashed letters).

If you look in the grid box above it, you will see that the river is shown 
with a fairly steep bank on both sides.  Alt Dubiszcze was a street village 
that extended along the east bank of the river.

At 05:43 PM 05/05/2002 -0400, Marlo wrote:
>Jerry,  I like your map except it makes no sense to me.  I am looking
>for German village called in 1882 "Alt Dubiszcze".  Its coordinates
>are 50degrees 56N; 25degrees 19'E.
>On a map of Austria=Hungary 1917
>it appears as "Kol. Str. Dubiszcz".
>I can't place it on a map of today
>and does it exist, if so what is it called?  Thanks,  Marlo
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