[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] SGGEE Joint Convention with SGS, BSA, EEGS and FEEFHS

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Thu May 9 15:21:01 PDT 2002

 Discovering our Links to Europe - an International Genealogical Convention
Regina, SK - Canada     July 19 to 21 2002

Of particular interest to SGGEE members in the July convention, and others who
have research interests in Poland and Volhynia, are the following sessions
being presented by some of our SGGEE members.

Friday 19 July (forenoon)  - How the SGGEE Database Was Conceived and Created
- Gary Warner
Friday 19 July (forenoon) - Drang Nach Osten  Part 1 - German Migration East
to Hungary, Galacia, Bessarabia Black Sea Regions and Volga River in Russia -
Jerry Frank
Friday 19 July (afternoon) - Drang Nach Osten Part 2 - German Migration to
Russian Poalnd and Volhynia - Jerry Frank

Saturday 20 July (forenoon) - How to Get the Most Out of the SGGEE web site -
Gary Warner
Saturday 20 July (forenoon) - Nazi Resettlement Records and
Einwandererzentralstelle (EWZ) Documents - Richard Benert
Saturday 20 July (afternoon) - A Presentation on Volhynia on the Use of EWZ
Documents - Dave Obee
Saturday 20 July (afternoon) - Memories of Early Years in Volhynia.  Family
Life and My Father's Activities as a Kantor/Teacher in the Tutschin/Kostopol
Areas - Kurt Arndt
Saturday 20 July (evening) - Dinner Speaker 0n How the FHL Acquires Records
and Where Filming is Taking Place - Kahlile Mehr

Sunday 21 July (forenoon) - Summary of Record Types and Coverage of Material
Being Acquired  by the FHL in western Poland and Ukraine - Kahlile Mehr
Sunday 21 July (forenoon)  - How to Read Vital Records in Polish - Al Muth
Sunday 21 July (forenoon) - Finding where Grandma Eloped - Searches in the
Vital Records of the Early 19th Century Russian Poland - Al Muth

    There are a total of 64 seperate sessions catering to a variety of
genealogists and family historians.
There will be commercial stalls on site offering books, maps, genealogical
software etc.  Further information regarding registrations and other sessions
can be found on the SGGEE web site at www.sggee.org

John Marsch
SGGEE Convention Committee Chair

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