[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Boehm, Rygebrecht, Weiss, Kasper, Scheler, Myslak, Schoning, Schultz, etc

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At 12:55 PM 5/26/2002 , Mattie Mitchell wrote:
>Dear Listers
>          just wanted to repost my interests for any new listers, just in
>Marie Lowisa Boehm, born in Bulge?? Prussia 1786?, daughter of Marie
>Elisabetha Ridebrecht and Gottfryd Boehm, married Gotfryd Schultz (born
>1781). Lived in Gostynin area, Poland. Marie Lowisa's siblings Gottlob
>(1785?), Beata Ludwika (1788?), Dorothea (1793?).
>Anna Dorothea Charlotte Weiss, born in Sankt Johan?? Prussia abt 1800/1802,
>confirmed 26 April 1813 in Gostynin area. Daughter of Karolina Ebelt and
>August Weiss. Married Johann Karl Kasper, born abt 1795, confirmed in 1810,
>Gostynin area.
>Johann Scheler born abt May 1797 in Osiny, near Dabie Poland southwest of
>Gostynin and Kutno. son of Ludwig Scheler and Anna Kristine Schulz. Married
>13 Jan 1818 at Gostynin, Anna Christine Krueger, daughter of Johann Krueger
>and Anna Dorothea Elisabetha Wegner. Anna Christine born about Feb 1802 in
>Donnersruh, Gostynin, Poland, confirmed in 1814.
>Joachim Christoph Schoning, born 27 May 1798, Breddin Prussia, son of Johann
>Joachim Schoning and Marie Dorothea Hohenstein, grandson of Andreas Schoning
>and Marie Dorothea??. married 22 Feb 1821 in Gostynin, Karolina Myslak, born
>about Feb 1803 in Sady, near Gabin Poland. Her parents were Johann and Anna.
>Mathew Mitchell mattie at capecod.net
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