[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Smolarnia

Irene Kopetzke kopetzke at uni.de
Sun Nov 17 16:25:34 PST 2002

Thank you, Jerry, I did find SMOLYARNYA at ShtetlSeeker and also
at multimap http://www.multimap.com/wi/67637.htm but do not know
for sure if this is the place where Emma HAPKE was born in 1903.
Howard Krushel suggested that this village east of Wladimir
Wolynsk might have been founded only some years after WWI which
may explain that we do not find it on any historical map aside
from the Lueck map which is not a topographical one.

I just became aware that Smolary / Smolarnia literally means
"tar kiln", in both the Russian and the Polish language. A search
at ShtetlSeeker gives numerous possibilities of which there are
several locations in Ukraine. If "smolary" was a place where
people produced wood tar it is quite imaginable that after a few
years there was a lack of (pine)wood and they had to move,
therefor the settlement became extinct.

Btw, there was a place called Budki (hut; Huette) abt. 3 km east
of Kohilno. May be also a "smolary"? Just a guess.

Irene Kopetzke

Jerry Frank <jkfrank at shaw.ca> wrote:

> Kurt Luck's map shows Smolarnia just northeast of and very
> close to Kohilno.  I have not found any topographical map that
> shows it.  The Berkley map shows a country road there with
> about 5 houses along  it.  Perhaps that is the location.
> ShtetlSeeker also confirms that location with the spelling of

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