[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Information about 1880 Census Listing

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Thu Oct 3 13:57:46 PDT 2002

I obtained a copy of a 1880 Census document for my great-great-grandfather
from the archives in Zhitomir when doing some research there this past summer.
The census form document is dated October 20, 1880, while the cover document
was signed August 20, 1881, probably when it was formally submitted to
authorities. It is in Russian, but has been translated to english for me.

If I can understand enough about it to make it interesting, I would like to
submit it along with some information to SGGEE for one of their newsletters.
Is these someone out there who is a fairly good authority on this type of
record for Russian Volhynia, that could take me through the document? If so
you could reply directly to me, and we can discuss offline. It would also help
to show the type of information that is available in the Zhitomir archives.

The document appears to be from the 10th revision as there is no information
listed under the 9th revision column. Do these dates tie to the 9th or 10th
revision time period? If it is the 10th would anyone know the timing of the
9th revision as it would then bracket the time period for immigration to
Volhynia for these people.

There is also one comment in the column for information before and after the
revision. It is:

In the Petrokvskaya Gubernia Grezinskogo Uyezda of gl? Mrog according to the
leave service evidence from the 7th of May 1880 #4264. From one person that
has helped me with this comment, the village may tie to a village called Mroga
which is near Brzeziny just east of Lodz, and the difference may be in the
phonetics used in the translation.

My great grandfather is also listed with his wife, but his son which was
supposed to have been born in 1875 was not mentioned by name or even included
in the person count.

Lastly, one of the sons of the great great grandfather is crossed off, even
though it appears that he was included in the orginal count of persons. I
checked the St. Pete in case he subsequently died and was recorded there but
no luck. It may have been after the 1885 date. Was it common practice to use
these documents as a running tally of citizens?

Any help would be appreciated.


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