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I have received a few emails regarding this census document as in the below
email. and would like to clarify a few points for all. I only have a copy of
the census page that listed my ancestors on it. There are no other people
listed on that page, as I think that they would have worked house by house,
and started a new document for each house. I believe that the Zhitomir
archives may have other people in their archives from the same census, but I
did not research the census just my ancestors. The archives have a card
catologue of citizens in their archives and that was how I was able to find
the document. If I am able to summarize information about the census, I will
put together an article for the SGGEE newsletter showing a copy of the

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Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Information about 1880 Census Listing

> I obtained a copy of a 1880 Census document for my great-great-grandfather
> from the archives in Zhitomir when doing some research there this past
> The census form document is dated October 20, 1880, while the cover
> was signed August 20, 1881, probably when it was formally submitted to
> authorities. It is in Russian, but has been translated to english for me.
> If I can understand enough about it to make it interesting, I would like
> submit it along with some information to SGGEE for one of their
> Is these someone out there who is a fairly good authority on this type of
> record for Russian Volhynia, that could take me through the document? If
> you could reply directly to me, and we can discuss offline. It would also
> to show the type of information that is available in the Zhitomir
> The document appears to be from the 10th revision as there is no
> listed under the 9th revision column. Do these dates tie to the 9th or
> revision time period? If it is the 10th would anyone know the timing of
> 9th revision as it would then bracket the time period for immigration to
> Volhynia for these people.
> There is also one comment in the column for information before and after
> revision. It is:
> In the Petrokvskaya Gubernia Grezinskogo Uyezda of gl? Mrog according to
> leave service evidence from the 7th of May 1880 #4264. From one person
> has helped me with this comment, the village may tie to a village called
> which is near Brzeziny just east of Lodz, and the difference may be in the
> phonetics used in the translation.
> My great grandfather is also listed with his wife, but his son which was
> supposed to have been born in 1875 was not mentioned by name or even
> in the person count.
> Lastly, one of the sons of the great great grandfather is crossed off,
> though it appears that he was included in the orginal count of persons. I
> checked the St. Pete in case he subsequently died and was recorded there
> no luck. It may have been after the 1885 date. Was it common practice to
> these documents as a running tally of citizens?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Dwayne
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