[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re: Long Q-T Syndrome & SADS from Ingrid 5 Oct

Diana Kooij dianagk at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 8 21:08:25 PDT 2002

Hi Ingrid, you started me searching into what Long Q-T syndrome is and i'm
still exploring.  What I'm learning is that it seems to be related to sudden
arrhythmia death syndrome and that it manifests with fainting spells,
irregular heart beats, or sudden death like you said in your email.  I found
the site www.sads.org most helpful.
I appreciate your openness and your SEARCH for answers.  I admire your
courage.  And of course, genealogy is about life and death.  If we can't
listen to others and deal with this subject, then we don't belong here doing
our work.  Our forebears, good, bad or whatever, all had their struggles. My
prayers go out to you with your daughters.
Anyway, you asked about our ancestors:  I have no knowledge of any sudden
deaths that could be attributed to this.  HOWEVER,  two relatives have had
problems.  One had fainting spells in his younger years; though tested in the
1950's nothing was found and he has since passed on due to other causes.
Another relative is facing ARRHYTHMIAS now at the age of 2 and has been placed
on a betablocker that has not helped.  Nationality may not play a role as we
are so mixed.  Italian, German and Dutch were mixed with one and then the
other has these as well as Irish, Norwegian, Danish and English mixed in.
All in all, I appreciate your info and most certainly will investigate this
with family, doctors and probably genetic testing.  Feel free to email me at
dianagk at earthlink.net

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