[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] BOESE Family in Volhynia

Gary Warner gary at warnerengineering.com
Sun Oct 13 15:31:04 PDT 2002

Is Dave Obee on this list?  If so, he may be able to help this gentleman.

Gary Warner

At 10:42 AM 10/13/2002 , Evert Moes wrote:
>Dear listers,
>I have been asked to do some research on the above name for a gentleman in
>Buenos Aires.  He is looking for confirmation on the birth of his
>ggrandfather, Emil BOESE, born 1882 in Pulin.
>The St. Pete Archives lists the marriage of Emil's parents (1869) the
>birth of his siblings in 1871, 1872 and 1875, and then NOTHING.
>The 7 year span between 1875 and 1882 seems a long time delay in that time
>for a family to have children.  Family planning was not generally
>I understand that Pulin was the name of an administrative district as well
>as the name of a town in the Zhitomir area.  Might there have been another
>church in this Pulin district not affiliated with the Lutheran church
>where this family would have registered their birth?  Baptist, Mennonites?
>Or did we miss something in the St. Pete's archives? (Note:  there are 2
>Emil Boeses listed in the birth records in the St. Pete's Archives in
>1882, but these are not the one we are looking for.  Wrong parents!)
>For the record, my research in the area is on the RAUH, FOCHT and SELTMANN
>families (Berdichev, Amelin.  All were Ev. Luth.)
>Evert Moes
>Sidney, B.C.
>ya895 at victoria.tc.ca
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