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According to my Polish-English dictionary a "sol~tys" is a village
administrator.  A mayor is called "burmistrz" (from the German

As to being a frequent witness to christenings: this can easily be explained
by the fact that the localities which we call towns in most cases were
nothing more than small villages with less than 20 households.  The
"sol~tys" was just another farmer chosen to be the "village administrator"
by his neighbours, and many of these were also his relatives.

Hope this helps.
Jan Texor, Denmark

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>     In German Lutheran church records from Poland, frequently I find the
> "soltys" following the name of a witness for a birth/christening.
>     I have not been able to find the word in any of the German translation
> aids I have nor in my German-English dictionary (Oxford-Duden).
>     Can anyone provide a translation or a meaning for the word please?  My
> curiousity is getting the better of me.
> With thanks,
> John Marsch

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