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Hello Ed,Hello Edelgard,
I have seen these names on the genealogy tree. Were there any males
connected with that generation. I was told that a great uncle(maybe my
Dads) lost his factory to the Communists. I can't seem to trace my great
grandparents although it was thought that they died in the early 1900's
in Russia(what is now Ukraine) They had lived in what is now Poland(a
town called Borki) where my grandparents were born. They apparently
originated from the Lodz area of Poland. That is as far back as I can
trace them. Family called them German but I doubt there was a country
called Germany when they migrated to the Lodz area. Could it be from the
mountains of Austria where they originated? Anyway, if you have any more
information I would be willing to share what info I have.
Edward William Scheibler
p.s. old family names match that on the Scheibler genealogy tree but
maybe that is not significant.
I've Scheibler in my direct line, too:
1) Johann Georg Zachae *17.. + 27.01.1814 Piskory/Krs. Kalisch
 Anna Maria Elisabeth Scheibel *1763

2) Gottfried Zachaj *17..
Anna Marianne Scheibler

3) Gottlieb Zachai * about 1796 Petryki/Krs. Kalisch
Anna Dorothea Scheibler *about 1800 Petryki

I suppose that they are descendants of the famous textile maker family
Scheibler. Progenotor is Johannes Scheibler, businessman and mayor in
Gemuenden, Niederhessen, earldom of Ziegenhain, born 1529.
A grandson (his name is not mentioned) of his son Christoph Scheibler
(*7.12.1589 in Arnsfeld) transplanted his family to Pomerania.
Perhaps he is the progenotor of the Scheiblers in Poland and Russia, but
can we find it out?!
Website with the Scheibler-family-tree:
(Unfortunatly only in German)
The descendant, Heinrich Scheibler (1705-1765) was an industrialist, who
 imported Merino wool from Spain into the Northern Eifel, coulered it
secret recipe and let it weave by 4000 homeworking weavers. He has built
Red House in Monschau (Montjoie)
Finally Karl Scheibler from Monschau was one of the greatest textile
owners from Lsdz. In 1880 he employed 5000 people in Ksiezy Mlyn.

Hope you and other researchers enjoy these websites.

Regards from Germany,

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