[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Searching Honig/Boehlke

Michelle Bakke-Purnell wldrose at telusplanet.net
Fri Oct 18 11:18:57 PDT 2002

Hi List
With what I have found so far I know that my ggrandfather (Otto Honig b 
Aug 16,1892).  His parents Franz Honig and Bertha Boehlke were married 
in the Rosyszcze parish.  Can any one tell me where this is today?  Or 
have a map that I can look at?

Also I thought that maybee I might change directions and see what I can 
find on Bertha's side.  What I know is that Bertha Boehlke parents were 
Karl Boehlke and Fredricka Welhelmine Zahn.  All the information I have 
on the children are.  Julius ?, Henry bJan 1, 1873, Reinhold bSept 15 
1865, Amelia bJan 8 1870,  Bertha ?, Ottilia ? and that there were four 
more children.  The story goes that all the kids were born in Germany, 
then when some of them were really little the family moved to Russia. 
 As I said before I found the area where Bertha was married.  Does any 
one have any answers as to how I might look for this family?  The other 
information I have is that Welhelmine Zahn was born in Minutsdorf, 
Provence of Posen, Germany.  on Jan 12, 1834. (She died in Syskston 
North Dakota, U.S. and is burried there.)  Is there some site I can look 
for this also.  Thank you for your time.
Michelle Bakke-Purnell

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