[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Werner - From Radom (Congr.-Poland) to Volhynia

hwerner0 jean-marc at rz-online.de
Sat Apr 5 13:56:16 PST 2003

Hi to all "Searches" from a Nightworker,
in some documents, dating around 1850, I found the German colonies Grzymoczin
and Jacholka/Jacholkow in and near Radom(Congr.-Poland).
My gr grandfather emigrated from there, first to Inowraclaw/Hohensalza, then
to Volhynia.
I found the first place. It's now called Grzmuzin, position is around 8 miles
east the town of Radom.
But I did not find the second place yet.
Evang-augsb. church records begin 1830. Marriage of the parents of gr
grandfather is not registered in Radom. So the only chance is to find out,
where the people in the above colonies came from, and then "search through the
Is there anybody with the same searching- region ?

Searching places and names:
Werner from Radom,
Buch/B|ch/Bich/Bick/Byck+Zachdi/Zachei from Volhynia
Feller+Czajkowski from Lodz
Win(c)kler+Sti(e)bner from Lodz
All St. Pete's registrations referring to the first 3 names are known !!!

Best wishes to all searchers on the list, especially to Jerry
Hannes Werner

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