[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Lalannaja, Mitnija

Gary Warner gary at warnerengineering.com
Thu Apr 10 09:01:54 PDT 2003

Does Cubcruiser have a name?

I did a search of the St. Petersburg records on the SGGEE web site at 
http://sggee.org/StPeteBirth.html (this is a free area of the SGGEE site) 
for the place called Mitnija, and found it listed in many places.  I then 
took that name and used the film number that is associated with that place 
name in our member-only St. Petersburg database that is sorted by the route 
of the pastor at http://sggee.org/members/StPeteByRoute.  I found that 
Mitnija is on the route of the pastor as follows:

Karlswald to Fuerstendorf to Radz_itow to Mitnija to Kopan

That still does not nail down the location for me, but it may for Jerry 
Frank.  Alternately, if you go to the Shetl Seeker and find this group of 
villages all in the same area, you will have the correct village when you 
find Mitnija.

I did a similar search for Lalannaja and found the sequence as

Lalannaja to Metnitza (Mytnica) to Andrejew to Toporischtsche to Helenowka

I did just one film listing in each case, so you may find other nearby 
villages if you find the sought villages in another film listing.

By the way, this method of searching on the route of the pastor will likely 
also yield other relatives, since they often lived in nearby villages, and 
that is one of the things that the "StPeteByRoute" database does.

Gary Warner

At 08:18 AM 4/10/2003, Cubcruiser at aol.com wrote:
>Per Jerry's suggestion, I've looked through the info at the Pixel site and 
>am optimistic that the Wilhelm and Karoline Schoen listed in the 1880's 
>birth records may well be my great-grandparents.  There are several other 
>names in the town of Lalannaja in that list that have ties.  Found a 
>Pauline Schoen, same name as their oldest daughter, and could have given 
>birth in this same timeframe.  Many Hugerts (and similar spellings), which 
>is my grandmothers maiden name.  Found Lehmanns and Baecker's (married 
>names of Schoen daughter and granddaughter).  Found Maletzki, which is the 
>same name as the friend who traveled to U.S. with my grandmother. Also 
>found Hessler, which is the same name as my grandmothers U.S. contact on 
>her ship manifest.  So a lot of coincidences.
>I have yet to identify the location of Lalannaja, or whether or not that 
>is an accurate spelling (ship manifests looked more like Selennaja).  I 
>looked for names from the 1880's list from Lalannaja to see if any 
>appeared in other records.  Found some exact names in the 1876-79 birth 
>list, with the the town listed as Mitnija.  Looked it up in ShtetlSeeker, 
>but nothing jumped out at me.  If anyone is familiar with Mitnija or 
>anything close, I'd appreciate your feedback.  My best information 
>indicates the town I'm trying to locate should be somewhere in the 
>vicinity of Dubno.
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>Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2003 23:10:30 -0600
>I am sure you will have at least partial success using the St. Pete
>records.  Because there are some very unusual spelling variations for your
>family, I am going to suggest that you use the Pixel site to view them at
>In the records, we find  Wilhelm Schoen and Karoline Langert having
>children at a place transcribed as Lalannaja which is certainly very close
>spelling to Selenaja especially when you consider that the S and L in old
>script are quite similar.  There is also a Huget family having children in
>that same village with many ? in the extractions of the region which
>suggest to me that the writing is difficult to read and this could very
>easily be Hugert.
>My problem is that Lalannaja (now possibly Selenaja) is one of the villages
>I have never been able to find within Volhynia.  There is a clue in that
>the Huget family having children there also lived at Metnitze (= Mytnica)
>about 6 km south of Beresteczko and very near the border with Galicia.  The
>only places in the general region I can find that might be close to
>Selenaja spelling are Solonow and Silanowica.
>I have noted that you show a difference in age between Wilhelm Jr. and his
>sister, Paulina of 28 years.  This would be extremely unusual if not
>At 08:26 PM 06/04/2003 -0400, Cubcruiser at aol.com wrote:
> >Jerry, thanks for the quick response.  I've been using the ShtetlSeeker
> >sight and have identified several possible cities.  Still working on
> >sorting out how close each is Dubno.
> >
> >Per your suggestion, I'm including family information.  My grandparents
> >and other known family members (from the Dubno (Selenaja?) area):
> >
> >Wilhelm Schoen (Schon) (born 10 Dec 1886)
> >        Parents:  Wilhelm and Caroline
> >        Brothers:  Karl (born abt. 1866 ), Johann (unknown birth, died
> > before 1911)
> >        Sisters:  Paulina (born abt. 1858, Julia (born abt.1870)
> >Wilhelmine Hugert (born 31 Aug 1892)
> >        Parents: Georg and Katherine  (he was a shoe maker,
> >                     she died when Wilhelmine was young, he remarried,
> >                     Wilhelmine went to live with someone else)
> >        Brothers:  John and Ferdinand (not positive about names)
> >        Sisters:     We think there were two, unknown names
> >
> >------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> -------------------------------
> >
> >Actually, the western half of Volhynia with Dubno in it was part of Poland
> >between 1921 and WW II so both documents are correct based on the time
> >frame in which they were created.
> >
> >Using ShtetlSeeker at http://www.jewishgen.org/ShtetlSeeker/loctown.htm I
> >can find quite a few Zelenaya in Ukraine but none in the area of
> >Volhynia.  I also considered our list of known German settlements in
> >Volhynia and could not find anything close in spelling.
> >
> >One possibility, though significantly different in spelling, is the village
> >of Silanowica located about 32 km due west of Dubno.
> >
> >If you post other family details that you might have (names, birth dates,
> >etc.) we may be able to help further.
> >
> >The best source of info online is the SGGEE website and its publications
> >which you have already found because you subscribed to this mailing
> >list.  However, it is often generalized for all of Volhynia and Russian
> >Poland rather than specific to Dubno.  It is still the best source though
> >for records and data.
> >
> >
> >
> >At 08:45 AM 06/04/2003 -0400, Cubcruiser at aol.com wrote:
> > >I am researching my grandparents origins.  I believe they came from the
> > >Dubno, Ukraine area, based on information I've found.  I would like to 
> find
> > >out if anyone knows of a good source of information on this specific area
> > >(online or publications).  I'm also trying to identify the town from which
> > >they came from.  From their 1912 ship manifest records, it appears to be
> > >something like " Selenaja , Wolhyn, Russia ."  I tied this to the 
> Dubno area
> > >based on my grandfathers naturalization paperwork (late 1930s - early
> > 1940s),
> > >which listed his hometown as Dubne, Poland.  (there is a Dubne, Poland
> > today,
> > >but Dubno, Ukraine seemed to be the more likely candidate - geography,
> > >agriculture, history, etc.).  He was German, a Lutheran and a farmer, and
> > >served in the Russian military just prior to departing for the U.S.
>Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
>jkfrank at shaw.ca
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